[M.M.X.I.V. 76] All good things…

WARNING: I needed a tissue or two to write this post.

It’s been a tough few days for me with radio shows.  Of course, nothing lasts forever, but two of my favorite radio shows, respectively, ended on Friday and will end tomorrow.  Before I talk about these, I want to mention two other radio shows that I have liked that I no longer get to listen to.

One radio show that I regularly listened to was the Ultimate 80’s Request Party on Fridays, on Omaha’s Star 104.5.  Between my junior year of high school and sometime during my junior year of college (I don’t know exactly, because my journal was not clear about it), I called in to 104.5 most Friday nights to request an 80’s song.  All of the DJs got very used to expecting my voice, which is another topic for another post.  Actually, during my junior year of high school, I had to wait to call in until after 21:00, since the cell phone had free calling only on nights and weekends–ha!

Another Friday show that I listened to in the last few years has been המסיבה (“The Party” on רדיו לב המדינה (Radio Lev Hamedina 91FM, out of Rishon L’Zion).  It was a two-hour block of “house-ified” Hebrew music, airing from 22:00-23:59 on Fridays in Israel (corresponding to 14:00-15:59 in Chicago).  Oftentimes, I would rock out while grading or doing some research prior to Student Tea.  The weird thing: it still claims on their website that המסיבה is on יום שישי (Friday) at 13:00 (Israel time) and at 22:00 (Israel time).  Yet, for the last year, they have just done the program לילה ישראלי (Israeli Night) at that time, at least on the Web stream.  I should send them an e-mail asking about that!

Now, on to the meat of this topic.

The Battle of the Sexes has been rolling on for at least ten years on B107.3.  Every weekday at 07:40, one man and one woman would call in to play “The Most Fun Game Show On The Radio.”  When I started listening in my junior year of high school, the format was two open-ended questions, followed by a third question.  The third question varied over the years:

  • When I started listening, it was one true-false question for each person.
  • In 2005, the true-false questions were replaced with a Name That Tune, by bidding downward on the number of seconds needed to guess.
  • Later (forgot the year), the Name That Tune was replaced by Family Feud.  The standard 100-people-surveyed, top-N-answers-0n-the-board.
  • The winner got to tell the loser to “Mark the board!”  However, many others botched it somehow, such as “Chalk it up!” as my Dad once said. 🙂

I was not eligible to play until I got to college, as you had to be 18 or older.

I have always liked game shows, and so this was a natural for me.  I played regularly when I was at UNL, and also played on my vacations from Northwestern.  I lost the first time I played, but had a win streak of 3 games at one point.  One highlight was a victory as part of Match #50, for which I was invited to a winners’ party at Godfather’s at the conclusion of the match.  At that event, I won a gold watch from The Goldworks (although I have still yet to wear it…)

Ten-plus years is a long time.  But, some of my favorite moments include:

  • In 2004, on Columbus Day, the answer to ALL the questions was “Columbus.”
  • There was an April Fool’s game on April 1, 2005.  One of my favorite questions was asked of the man: “There is a product called Preparation H.  What happened to Preparations A through G?”
  • Whenever Joe responded to an answer with “Show me <answer!>” I readied my buzzer voice, as him saying that was a SUFFICIENT condition for the answer to be wrong!
  • A few times, the “Famous Name Friday” Family Feud question had the name “Kim.”  Wilde (the singer of “Kids in America”) was never on this list, but they always invited callers to add names that didn’t make the list.  I called in, said, “Kim Wilde.  How ’bout playing ‘Kids In America?'” and they said, “Sorry, Noah.”  (I didn’t need to state my name, since my voice is recognizable.  More on THIS claim in another post.)
  • One of the times I played, I won tickets to the June 19, 2008 Lincoln Saltdogs (indie minor league baseball) game, and got to participate in the trike race after the first inning.  I won the race and yelled, “MARK THE BOARD!!” after crossing the finish line first.

There will be a new game debuting next week, so hopefully it will be as fun to listen to!

The next thing, which ends tomorrow, is Sunny-Side Up with Kristin and Lindsay.  It has been a weekly part of The Jazz Show on 89.3 FM WNUR (Evanston-Chicago) since September of 2011.  I listened to it in the early parts of the show, as I was drawn in by their perfect harmonious tag line: “You’re looking particularly good today!”  The topics that they chatted about were also always interesting to me, as they were positive, fun-loving, and just like me in many senses.

However, I was not always able to listen to the show, due to TA duties during the show, and a hiatus on the show, in 2012 and part of 2013.  (It also didn’t help that I didn’t find their Facebook page until early 2013, so that I lost track of when their show was.)  The show was on Thursdays from 10:00-12:00 in the spring of 2013.  I had written in my journal on May 30, 2013 the following:

“You’re looking particularly good today!”  in listening to “Sunny Side Up” on WNUR.  Their speaking mannerisms are attractive

(I just hope that doesn’t come across wrong…)

So, after another summer break for the show, it came back in October 2013, on my favorite radio day: Friday from 10:00-12:00!  (N.B. I have blogged about Friday radio before.)  My interaction with the show really started on November 1, 2013, when I had posted a picture of a sign at Sunnyside Avenue in Chicago that I snapped while riding my bike.  They commented on it on their show:

Lindsay: Our friend Noah, who liked our Facebook page (Kristin: Woo, Noah!) posted a photo this morning … a sign that said Sunnyside.

Kristin: We are inspired by Noah to reach out even more actively and aggressively to all of our fans, and you should reciprocate…

Later in that show, they described the show (again) as “ultra positive and ultra cheesy.”  Yet another reason I like it.

Fast-forwarding to 2014, since the show got pre-empted several times in the remainder of 2013, I started calling in weekly to add requests and/or to respond to some of their prompts that they gave on the air.

And then, I wrote my blog post about my first experience in the studio in February. Despite not having met them in person until then, it was almost like good friends reuniting after a long time, because sometimes the voice and/or Facebook contacts can work out, especially if you have someone as authentic online as in person, like me.

Sunny Side Up

It will be a bittersweet final show tomorrow.  Between Battle of the Sexes, the B Morning Show, and Sunny-Side Up, there is evidently something about radio shows that intersperse music and DJ banter that I really enjoy.  I don’t know exactly what it is, but it gives personality and frankly enhances the music, especially if it is the DJs’ choice what to play.

Even though it is sad that two of my favorite shows are ending, the memories of listening to these shows will endure.  I have to take the positivity that I have also gleaned from SSU, and

Readers!  Have you ever been attached to a radio talk+music or game show and saddened when it has ended?


Today is the seventy-sixth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes ten weeks and six days.

Today’s Daily Prompt is psychic in a little way!  I had planned this post for about a week to be posted today, and the Prompt is as follows:

Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?

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