[M.M.X.I.V. 81] Newspapers

I believe I have mentioned this on my blog before, but one of my common morning routines is reading the newspaper.  I have subscribed to the Chicago Tribune pretty much ever since I arrived in Chicago (excluding the first week or so).

When I was at UNL, the College Newspaper Readership Program left copies of the USA Today, Lincoln Journal Star, Omaha World-Herald, and New York Times (I think) in racks outside of the mail room in Neihardt.

And before that, I read the newspaper daily at home, sometimes having a race with the dogs if I would inadvertently let them out before snatching the Journal-Star from the front porch when I used to live in Lincoln.  The dogs would otherwise beat me to the porch and chew up the bag containing the newspaper, scattering it to the four corners of the yard (and incite a negative reaction from Dad).

However, the last few weeks, the delivery for the Tribune has seemed to become very unreliable to the table in the vestibule in Engelhart.  I have a daily subscription, and since last Friday (i.e. the 14th), the paper has appeared only twice–on the 17th and the 19th.  I think I need to call the Tribune and file a complaint about their delivery, as I would like my news through the print edition!

Even though I can obtain it online, and am even a Digital Edition subscriber (which came for free since I am also a 7-day print edition subscriber), there is just something about the feel of holding a print-edition newspaper that makes me like it, and which consequently makes me not like the electronic edition as much.  Furthermore, there are a few other advantages of the newspaper over a laptop or tablet:

  • No horizontal scrolling is required for a newspaper, but may be required on some Web pages (or digital replicas of the newspaper).
  • You can reuse old newspapers as packing material or grease traps when making fries or other types of foods.  Would you really do that with a tablet or laptop?
  • If I am reading my news on the train or bus, a newspaper is a much less attractive burglary target than is a laptop or smartphone or tablet or what have you.  Additionally, an old newspaper may be a good cover for a seat if I am having a particularly germophobic day.
  • There’s just that… feel of paper on your fingers that somehow makes me feel that I would absorb and react to the news more genuinely than reading it on the Internet.
  • The newspaper often has more well-developed stories than the “breaking stories” that appear on the Web, which tends to contain knee-jerk reactions and may contain Medill F’s.

Frankly, reading print newspapers is just one thing in which I feel that I am retro.  There are a few other things that I proudly admit to being retro, and I may describe these in some future blog posts.

Power to the press!


Today is the eighty-first day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes eleven weeks and four days.


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