[M.M.X.I.V. 88] Home but not home

Yesterday (and later today), the University of Nebraska is playing against Northwestern University in softball in Chicagoland.  However, the normal field for Northwestern, Sharon J Drysdale Field, was unusable over the weekend due to the problems of winter conditions earlier.  Therefore, the game was moved to another site, with distance an order of magnitude greater than the distance I normally travel to Northwestern softball games.

Ballpark at Rosemont

Batter up!

Drysdale Field is about 1.5 miles away from my apartment, but The Ballpark At Rosemont (home of the Chicago Bandits) was a 14.5-mile trek from my apartment.  Of course, I rode my bike to get there, because I’d rather take the transportation into my own hands–don’t need a slow repeat of August 20, 2010, where the bike ride to Rosemont took me about 80 minutes, and the train ride combination from Rosemont to Evanston later that night took me about 120 minutes.  The ballpark was nice, but it definitely didn’t feel like a home game.  (The stadium looked a lot more like Bowlin Stadium in Lincoln, home of the Huskers!)

Incidentally, Northwestern lacrosse has played both of its “home” games this year up in Lake Barrington, which is waaaaay too far for me to get to, particularly since both of them were on weeknights.  In fact, Lakeside Field, the normal home venue, is about 1.2 miles from my apartment, but Lake Barrington is between 35 and 45 miles away, depending on the route that I would take.  No, thank you!  Not on a winter’s night.  And to make matters worse there, the ‘Cats LOST to Notre Dame at Lake Barrington.  So much for home field advantage!

Thankfully, lacrosse plays at its actual home site at Lakeside Field tomorrow, in a showdown against #1 University of North Carolina.  The ‘Cats will need to play a much better game in order to knock off the Tar Heels.

It’s interesting that I mention this about “homes” away from home.  What do you make of a home, anyway?  Having lived in Evanston for four-and-a-half years now, I have begun to call it “home.”  However, it is not where my family lives, but I have plenty of friends around.  It is important to be happy wherever you are.

And, since this was mostly about sports… GO ‘CATS! GO BIG RED!


Today is the eighty-eighth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twelve weeks and four days.


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