[M.M.X.I.V. 89] Texts, letters, talking

This is an adaptation of today’s Daily Post, on a part of the code by which I live.

In today’s society, it seems that many people prefer to use text messages or e-mails to carry on conversations… even when in immediate proximity!  The art of face-to-face or voice-to-voice conversations seems to be turning into a lost art, and I want to stay old-fashioned in that sense.  There is a lot of loss in translation from thoughts to texted words (as well as lost vowels, but that’s my inner pedant screaming!), and tone of voice often gets completely lost in text messages.

Although I have had a mobile phone since 2004, the plan was for phone calls only until 2008, when texting was added.  I remember once getting really scared when my phone vibrated unexpectedly and I saw that a text message was waiting for me, as I was afraid that my parents would kill me for amassing a text message charge.  It turns out it was a free text message from Alltel, so I didn’t get in trouble.

Even after my plan included text messaging, I was much more likely to make a phone call than to give a text message.  I was on an old phone that either had the peck-the-numbers-repeatedly-to-get-the-correct-letter, one letter at a time, or the somewhat unreliable T9word.  Maybe it was this inconvenience which turned me off from text messaging, or maybe it was something else.

When I got into grad school (September of 2009), it seemed that I was one of only a few students in my department without a smartphone.  My family jumped on that bandwagon in 2010, as I got it from Papa over that Thanksgiving weekend.  That opened up a whole new world of connectivity and distraction.

I have a few rules with the smartphone that I attempt to abide by, however, knowing that it can be a powerful tool or a powerful distraction.

  • I refuse to use it on Chicago Transit Authority property.  Even though smartphones seem to be ubiquitous right now, I do not want to be that unlucky person that an opportunistic thief jumps on.  (Advantage: my phone is not an iPhone).  (However, sometimes the temptation to pull it out for a few seconds is too great.)
  • In social situations, such as parties, I may have it on my person, but I sure as heck am not using it.
  • My cell phone usage is off-limits during meals with other people.  (I have another post planned about this at some point.)
  • If I have a choice between texting and calling, I will choose calling.

The latter bullet, especially.  The title of the post basically, from least preferred to most preferred, are how I like to communicate with people out of immediate proximity.  In some sense, the order given (texts, letters, talking) is in increasing order of individuality and personalization.  (Some might argue that a hand-written letter is even more personalized than a voice conversation).  Although I have not written many hand-written letters lately, I have recently thought more about it, and think that it is a very personalized and touching thing to consider.

Why is this an appropriate post for today?  It is my sisters’ birthday (quarter century apiece!) and I have made it a policy that for my Facebook friends whose phone numbers that I have, I will give them a phone call, in addition to a Facebook greeting.  If they are in my vicinity, I make an effort to greet them in person as well!  It is good to be thoughtful, and I feel that text messages are relatively bereft of personalization.


Today is the eighty-ninth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twelve weeks and five days.

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20 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 89] Texts, letters, talking

    • Thank you! Indeed, each prompt has many different ways that the bloggers can take them. I thought that technology and communication was a salient thing to write about today.


  1. Noah, well done (as usual). I agree with you completely regarding the disappointing modern phenomena that people will focus on the cell phone to the exclusion of those in proximity. Ironically, I mentioned this in my response to this Daily Prompt as well, before I read your own response here. I guess great minds think alike!


  2. Technology has its own benefits and drawbacks, if it has distanced a few friends then it has brought many more through the convenience of connectivity it provides. Moreover, technology has given expressions to many otherwise voiceless people, I mean it provides a sound medium to introverts who are not comfortable with real world socializing.


    • That is a very interesting way of thinking about it. Indeed, it can be a boon for introverts, but I see even people that are very extroverted completely enraptured by technology in social situations.


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