[M.M.X.I.V. 112] Validation

I wanted to include a picture of a sign from the Nebraska state parks that said, “VALID VEHICLE ENTRY PERMIT REQUIRED TO ENTER THE PARK AREA,” where the boldfaced words are in larger font.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of it.

Last night, I was listening to “The Human Conditioner,” a talk show on WNUR that began last quarter.  They mostly just talk with each other, and always invite callers to call in.  For the last few months, I have often felt moved to call in to these types of WNUR shows, and have found that the hosts really appreciate it–they don’t tend to get many (if any) callers.  In some sense, I feel that it helps to validate their show if they have a dedicated listener that would call in on a regular basis.

Each WNUR show is different, and appeals to me in a different way.  I have previously gushed over “Sunny-Side Up,” so this time, I’ll talk about what appeals to me about “The Human Conditioner.”  Each week, they have a different theme of what they talk about, and it always runs in quite a spontaneous way, much like some of my conversations.  The theme last night was “validation,” hence the title of today’s post.  For this one, their shows give the magic of improvisation in radio format, even when they claim that the shows are sometimes <cuckoo!> up.

I don’t know if my visit threw them off, though, as I dropped by the studio in order to give my response to their prompt rather than calling in, since I was heading in that direction anyway from the Matzah Pizza social event at Hillel, en route to Board Game Club.  It is always fun to visit the WNUR studios–I wonder if this was my personality in a past life, or if the radio could become my moonlight subcareer…?

Furthermore, the sense of interactivity on a radio show always makes me more engaged with it.  I find that WNUR shows particularly do this well.

Another thing of validation that I received yesterday: I got a WordPress badge celebrating 500 Likes on my blog.  Although I prefer thoughtful comments to Likes on my posts, it is validating as well, basically, whenever I get a read, like, OR comment.  However, I don’t always tailor my writings based on what gets the most Likes, views, and comments, as I write what I want to write about, and when as well.

In what ways do you feel validated?


Today is the one-hundred and twelfth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes sixteen weeks.

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