[M.M.X.I.V. 114] Doors

As an Aspie, there are various stimuli which lead to fixations for me, for better or for worse or just for neutral.  Some of these come and go, but one of them has definitely recurred throughout my life.  And that fixation is DOORS.

When I was a toddler, I was always amused by opening and closing doors in the residence.  Open.  Close.  Open.  Close.  Of course, right now I can’t tell you why, but sometimes my fixations can be explained by one word: BECAUSE.

House doors gave way to an obsession with garage doors.  Apparently, when I was younger, I was able to identify the make and/or model of any garage door opener without looking.  In Fort Dodge, the most common ones were Overhead Door (the one we had), Raynor, and Chamberlain.  There was a shop in downtown Fort Dodge that had some things involving garage door openers, which I clearly loved going to.  There was more to that shop, but the garage door opener system that they had there was what enticed me.

The automatic revolving doors caught my fancy when I was younger too, and one too many times, I (un?)intentionally caused the automatic ones to stop.  I was not claustrophobic, so I actually thought it amusing when I would get stuck in the between the glass of the revolving doors and the glass of  the wall.  This was particularly salient at the Regency Marriott in Omaha.

The reason that I wrote this post, however, was based off a YouTube video that I saw yesterday, in order to integrate a bunch of things that I like…

Yes indeed.  It includes doors closing, beepers and/or buzzers, canned voices that I like to imitate, and the fact of being on a train or bus.  This may be a whole different topic for another day, but between doors and sound effects, it satisfies the times when I have those insatiable autistic fixations!  (Strangely enough, though, none of the footage in that video is from Chicago!)


Today is the one-hundred and fourteenth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes sixteen weeks and two days.

היום תשעה ימים, שהם שבוע אחד ושני ימים לעומר


3 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 114] Doors

  1. Oh, I love this, Noah: it is funny and sweet and very intelligently thought out. I got such a clear image of the little you experimenting with doors! Great post!


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