[M.M.X.I.V. 117] A full count

Back in December, I had written a blog post about my use of the Lakefront Trail in Chicago.  When I had written the post, I had taken at least one trip on the Lakefront Trail in nine out of twelve months.

Well, as of yesterday, I have filled my dance card, so to speak!  Despite the horrendous weather that we had over the winter in Chicago, I succeeded in taking trips on the Lakefront Trail on one Monday in each month, either en route TO or FROM my Hebrew class.  I barely had this chance, as the synagogue got closed down due to cold a few times, and other weeks the trail was impassable on bike.

January had the Polar Vortex for much of the month, and several of the Hebrew classes were cancelled due to either instructor absence or weather-related synagogue closures.  The classes on the 6th and the 27th were snowed/colded out, and on the 20th, the weather was unsuitable for cycling since I had an alternative.

Therefore, I was able to capitalize on the chance on the 13th to ride my bike, and used the Lakefront Trail on the return trip.  As I said in my journal:

* Lakefront Trail!  Lots of ice patches, especially north of Foster.  No wipeouts, though!

So, January was marked off the list–yay!  There was no other trip in Chicago that I was planning to take by bike during that month, and I thought it would be dubious if I rode the trail just to ride the trail in order to complete the bucket list.  Granted, it still fulfills a purpose of fitness, which is always appreciated!

Then, in February, again the Hebrew class was the only thing for which I had planned to use the Lakefront Trail.  But, it was called off on the 3rd because our teacher was in Israel, as well as the 10th.  The weather knocked off availability for the class on the 17th, and finally on the 24th, there was class and a reasonable day for biking.  I wrote about my bike ride in Hebrew in my journal:

היה הרבה קרח בשביל-אגם באבנסטון*

 אין קרח ב[רחוב] שרידן או בשביל-אגם בשיקגו*

היה קר, אבל לא היה רע מאוד*


  • There was a lot of ice on the Evanston lakefront trail

  • There’s no ice on Sheridan Road or the Chicago lakefront trail

  • It was cold, but it wasn’t terrible


So, I managed to get February down, setting up for needing only a ride in April to fill my card!  That ride came yesterday, and in some sense, is fitting for the title of my post.  The ride was from Evanston to Wrigley Field, by taking Sheridan Road to the Lakefront Trail, up to the pedway at Addison, and then to the Friendly Confines.  Yep, I am facing a 3-2 count of balls and strikes :p

However, I was decked out in purple, rather than red and white.  And even though it was a baseball stadium, the game of choice today was women’s lacrosse!  The ride was fun, and despite it being another cold evening (relative to the last few days), the ‘Cats defeated Southern California by a score of 12 to 7.  After the game, I actually stayed in Wrigleyville, as one of my friends was singing in a band.  I stayed out later than I expected, but the family of this friend offered me a ride back to Evanston.  That ended up being a bit of an adventure!

So, my goal to ride the Lakefront Trail at least once in each month has now been accomplished!


Today is the one-hundred and seventeenth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes sixteen weeks and five days.

היום שנים-עשרה ימים, שהם שבוע אחד וחמישה ימים לעומר


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