[M.M.X.I.V. 119] OPEN

The neon OPEN sign seen in many places of business.  Credit to turbosquid.com

The neon OPEN sign seen in many places of business. Credit to turbosquid.com

Many places of business will have a sign somewhere on their windows or doors to indicate either that they are open or closed.  It is something that I used to take for granted or not even consider, until I turned sixteen.

The reason why it started becoming salient at the age of sixteen for me was because that was when I started driving on my own, as well as when I was no longer subject to child labor laws while working at Runza.

I preferred opening shifts there, but occasionally had closing shifts there, and in either case, I always wanted to turn the neon “OPEN” sign on or off, respectively.  In the former case, I would plug in (or turn on) the sign, and then declare, “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!”  In the latter case, I would often hum some victory tune.  Closing for Runza was at 22:30, and after the closing shift, I always went home and immediately crashed.

Prior to the age of sixteen, I may have noticed the “OPEN” signs, but must have taken them for granted, since salient places for me during my youth were always open when I went to and left those places.

In some sense, the “OPEN” signs are one of many details that I might get fixated on.  Some of the signs flash in interesting patterns, in order to maybe be more attractive (color, flashing, “scrolling,” and more).

There are some non-electronic ones, however, which seem scary to me.  For example, places that have “OPEN/CLOSED” placards on their doors are different, and I am sometimes scared by the ones that are red or orange, particularly the orange “OPEN” signs.  For some reason, I associate the color orange on a placard with the orange-colored billboards advertising gun shows in Lincoln, and thus a sense of danger.

Indeed, OPEN signs are a neat phenomenon if you think a little bit about them.


Today is the one-hundred and nineteenth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes seventeen weeks.  (Whew!)

היום ארבעה-עשר ימים, שהם שני שבועות לעומר


6 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 119] OPEN

  1. Grab one of those red or orange signs, put it in a large book that you have with you pretty often, open it and look at that sign, twirl it around a little, tuck it back in your trusty book, and in a week or so, you will not be afraid of such a harmless thing again.

    Good blog, by the way! I really like it when everyday things can be a unifying theme in a thoughtful blog as you just managed quite well.


    • A very interesting suggestion, W.S.! I like it–the technique of foot-in-the-door to extinguish a fear!

      I am not TRULY afraid of those colored signs, but I tend to associate them with sketchy areas.


      • In that case, thanks for letting me down easy, so diplomatically, after my blunder! And I’m relieved to learn you were exaggerating. You would think I might be expecting it, in a blog all about writing…

        Have a good night, Noah!


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