[M.M.X.I.V. 133 / M.A.P.L.E. III-13] The Bird Song

The song itself is a jazz song, and is purely instrumental.  Similarly, my post will hopefully have the picture worth a thousand words!

First, the song:

For “bird song,” let me talk about a specific type of bird: a parrot!  In particular, consider THIS picture:

Polly wanna cracker!

Yep, the “parrot” that I am referring to is to get the phrase “Polly wants a cracker!” into this post.

You may notice that the shape of the cracker is intriguing.  Indeed, I ate Illinois after that photo was taken!

When I was younger, one of my favorite ways of playing with my food was to chisel out states of the USA from crackers.  Some were much easier than others (since as is, I basically have Wyoming or Colorado).

When I used to live in Nebraska or Iowa, if I would shape a cracker into a Nebraska or Iowa shape, I would, after creating the shape, eat everything EXCEPT for the area around Lincoln or Fort Dodge, respectively, out of respect for where I lived. 🙂


Today is the one-hundred and thirty-third day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes nineteen weeks.

.היום עשרים ושמונה יום, שהם ארבעה שבועות לעומר

Today is the thirteenth day of the third round of M.A.P.L.E.  That makes one week and six days.


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