[M.M.X.I.V. 136 / M.A.P.L.E. III-16] עוד יהיה לי (post is in English)

On Fridays, I tend to listen to Israeli radio stations, in particular my favorite: Radio Lev Hamedina.  I have mentioned listening to this radio station in the past, and indeed getting to listen to Hebrew music outside of the liturgy is enjoyable to me.  Israeli music has worldwide influences, which means that it has a great variety.  Naturally, that means that today, my seventh song was one from this station.

I better translate the title of the song, and the chorus which really speaks to me.

The title of the song, עוד יהיה לי, roughly translates to “Someday I will have.”

The chorus is (in Hebrew followed by my English translation):

.יום אחד אולי אפרוש כנפיים

.יום אחד תראה שלא אפחד

.יום אחד אולי אפרוש כנפיים

וזה יהיה כל-כך נחמד

(One day, maybe I will spread wings;

One day, you will see that I do not fear.

One day, maybe I will spread wings.

And this will be quite nice.)

As an aside about the Hebrew, I am glad that I had recently learnt the future tense (and that all of the words were familiar to me).  Interestingly, a couple of the words in this stuck out from reading them every שבת (Shabbat) evening: אפרוש and כנפיים.  With the former, it is instead written in the command form. ופרוש עלינו סוכת שלומך (Spread over us the shelter of Your peace).  The latter is seen in the sense of ובצל כנפיך (And shelter us in Your wings).  Yes indeed, both come from השכיבנו (Hashkiveinu), the second ברכה (blessing) following the evening שמע (Sh’ma).  As the Resident Page Caller, I must point out that is Page 292 in the old סידור שים שלום (Siddur Sim Shalom) and Page 33 in the new. :p

This song elicits a great message. Oftentimes, when I am stuck on the present, I don’t even think about the future.  It is something, however, that I desperately need to start considering, as my PhD program begins to wind down.

I have already had other times of spreading my wings.  From emerging from The Shell in my late high school years, to gaining partial independence when starting my undergraduate career, to really becoming my own person in Chicago, leaving the nest has been a slow process, yet it is happening.

The future is full of fear of the unknown, but we must proceed fearlessly.  For me, that is easier said than done, given how I focus so much on the present and the past (consider most of my blog posts!)  Indeed, that is one part of my Shell.  The familiar is most comfortable to me.  Yet, when I do research, I have to consider what is not yet known.

It is a strange dichotomy indeed… but someday I will have success!


Today is the one-hundred and thirty-sixth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes nineteen weeks and three days.

היום שלושים ואחד יום, שהם ארבעה שבועות ושני ימים לעומר

Today is the sixteenth day of the third round of M.A.P.L.E.  That makes two weeks and two days.


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