[M.M.X.I.V. 141 / M.A.P.L.E. III-21] Ho Hey

I’d like to use the second word of the song’s name, and it fits in well with the monosyllabic interjections that begin with the “h” sound.

This is a shorter post, and may not be up to my standards of other posts.  As long as it doesn’t make me Strike Out against Alienora, based on a post I read earlier today (although that post seems to have been removed…)

And, the words “Hey Hey” in a certain place that I have been. Here’s a picture of THAT (given as a link)…

Hey Hey foul pole (courtesy of The Alkulas)

Yes indeed, it’s a quick post about baseball! Ever since I started watching baseball and softball as part of my sports revival in high school, I found that the umpires were an amusing part of the game.

Softball umpire calling a strike.

HA! (Courtesy of stocktonumpires.com)

Umpires often utter sound effects like “HA!” or “TCHA!” when they call a strike.  I am heavily amused by this, and therefore wanted to write about that!

As people know, I have been enamored by sound effects for a long time, and vocal tics are also something I enjoy.  The “HA!” also breaks up the monotony of the wait for the pitch.  The only “quiet” pitches end up being balls, and oftentimes they have noises from the crowd (booing if it’s a close ball on the visiting team’s pitcher, for example), or the muttered “ball” by some umpires.  Otherwise, you may hear “HA!”, the crack or ping of a bat, or my favorite, the umpire delivering the Punch Out on a called third strike!


Today is the one-hundred and forty-first day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty weeks and one day.

.היום שישה ושלושים יום, שהם חמישה שבועות ויום אחד לעומר

Today is the twenty-first day of the third round of M.A.P.L.E.  That makes three weeks.

The music video of Ho Hey is here…


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