[M.M.X.I.V. 150 / M.A.P.L.E. III-30] Some Nights

When I was in ninth grade, I took all but one of my classes at Pound Middle School, since Southeast High School was too crowded to have ninth graders.  Southwest and North Star High Schools opened during my tenth- and eleventh-grade years, respectively, in order to ease overcrowding at the other four schools.  Therefore, my other siblings had their freshman years at Southeast, as opposed to Pound.

I was deciding between Southeast and Southwest during the first semester of my ninth grade year.  I liked some of the classes that Southwest offered, but had trepidations about the block scheduling, instead of the traditional seven/eight period day.  My parents also helped with my decision, and eventually, Mom told me when we were driving home from school one day, “You’re going to become more of a night person.”

Well, she didn’t mean that I would have a lot more homework in high school, necessarily.  She punned ME out, as I was to become a Knight full time next year, i.e. go to Southeast!  In retrospect, this was an excellent decision for me (whether I made it fully by myself or not.)

The memory of ninth grade was somewhat prompted by Taylor’s post about needing to get her gallbladder, er, Dolly, removed, and my comment about Mrs. Cathy Christiansen’s (z”l) absence during part of my ninth grade year for gallbladder removal.

So, what I wanted to actually write about was my sleep schedule and how it has changed over the years.  When I was in ninth grade (and in high school in general), I was committed to get to sleep no later than 21:00 or 21:30, considering that I had to get up for a class that started either at 07:00 or 08:00.  Getting nine-plus hours of sleep was a must.

In undergrad, the sleep schedule got pushed back, in the sense that I would get to sleep between 22:00 and 22:30 on most nights.  I allowed myself to stay up later on weekends, so I was a rare case where I would use the weekends as excuses to SKIMP as opposed to RECOVER sleep!

As I have continued in graduate school, 22:30 became 23:00, which has become 23:30 on many nights.  My wake-up time has stayed constant at 07:00, however.

About the “Some Nights,” there are some nights in which I will be able to bring myself to stay up much later than 23:00, even without taking a nap in the middle of the day.  If I have adrenaline or desperation on a project, I may stay up until 01:00, and I have recently violated my bedtime to watch sports events, like Nebraska softball (losing in 12 innings at Alabama) or some of the multiple-overtime Blackhawks games.

As a man of habit, abrupt changes to my sleep schedules are likely to throw me off and make me grumpy.  But, as I have done gradually during the last ten-ish years, I have not suffered from chronic sleep deprivation.


Today is the one-hundred and fiftieth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-one weeks and three days.

היום חמישה וארבעים יום, שהם שישה שבועות ושלושה ימים לעומר

Today is the thirtieth day of the third round of M.A.P.L.E.  That makes four weeks and two days.

So this video is cheating a little bit, since it’s a mash-up, but… I prefer this version to the real (radio) version 🙂


3 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 150 / M.A.P.L.E. III-30] Some Nights

  1. Very sensible way of handling the sleep dilemma, Noah, slow and steady and gradual with no huge shocks! Much the best way of acclimatising!


    • Yes, indeed. This is particularly true since I am such a creature of habit and routine, that any significant perturbation to said routine puts me in a bad state.


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