[M.M.X.I.V. 159] Advertisement jingles

Listening to the radio has always been one of my favorite sources of music, even during my personal “radio doldrums years” of middle school.  Nowadays, I am much more likely to listen to the radio than I am to watch television.  Even when I was younger and watched more TV, I would often tune out during the commercials.  But, because of the name of this post, I have to have something about advertisement jingles in there somewhere, right?

My interest in listening to radio dramatically shot up this spring as Sunny-Side Up ended, in some sense with me searching for other shows on WNUR or other networks to fill the void.  During some evenings, I also listened to Israeli radio stations, since there’s not much/any Hebrew music being played on WNUR, and I would rather listen to it from a “primary” source.

During these times, I listened during the 20:00-23:00 hours in Chicago, which corresponded to 03:00-06:00 in Israel (it was when the States were in daylight saving time but Israel was not during March).  Oftentimes, there would be a long set of music, followed by several minutes of commercials.

Of course, if you’re listening to the radio, there’s no such thing as DVR to skip the commercials, so your only technique is to ignore them, listen to them, or change the channel.  However, some of the commercial jingles that I heard on the Israeli radio I particularly liked, either because it gave me a chance to listen to Hebrew in another sense, or more importantly, some of them were catchy to me when they involved singing.

One of these was הכשרה (Hachsharah), which literally is the process of making something kosher.  However, the name refers to an insurance company in Israel, and the parts of the commercial below that are sung (i.e. seconds 10-14) say “open universal insurance.”

I have also heard commercials for דיבאני סנטר (Divani Center), which clearly made me do a double-take, since whenever I hear that, I think “Devaney Center.”  Nope, the former is a furniture outlet!  The commercials I like because they have an “operatic” man’s voice singing “Divani Center.”  Similarly, an operatic man’s voice in another commercial sings “ניקולטי” (Nikoletti).  Evidently there’s something about when I listen and hearing commercials for furniture!

If we now shift over to English commercials, the one which seemed to get me excited was the Menards commercial, with its country-style accompaniment.  Yet, I think what got me most excited about going there when I was young was that they had a section of garage door openers, which was a fixation of mine as a young child!

And during my elementary school years in Lincoln, my siblings and I would often sing radio commercials to different words, mocking the places.  For example, the gas station Ampride, had a radio commercial sang “Ampride–taking pride in what we provide–Ampride.”  We reworded it (and had no rational basis for doing this, “Ampride, got no pride in what we provide–amn’t pride!”

Or, for Albertson’s “We’re here to help you, each and every day, at Albertson’s our goal is to hear you say: Albertson’s, it’s your store.”

Well, for whatever reason, my siblings decided to replace “help” with “hurt,” and “it’s” with “ain’t.”  Go figure!  The Weiss siblings, perturbing radio commercials since 1994!


Today is the one-hundred and fifty-ninth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-two weeks and five days.


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