[M.M.X.I.V. 161] Low Tech Part I

Although I will admit that I frequently keep busy by using my electronic devices such as computer or smartphone, I am able to pass time in other ways.  Technology can always fail on a person, and so I have several other avenues for time-passing.

Although it might be cumbersome, if I am working on something mathematical, I do not NEED a computer in many cases, but it is helpful.  Of course, if I were in an airport, I might not be in a work mood, particularly if I have angered the ACTHD.

Instead, I would use my mainstays that I use on the L.  For example, I would have a newspaper ready to read, and would do the crossword and/or sudoku puzzles to occupy some time.  I also have my journal on hand at pretty much all times, and knowing me, it would be an outlet for creativity, OR I would be able to catch up on writing in arrears.

And, there’s this underrated skill that people almost always have: CONVERSATION.  It is not so scary to chat up other people: share stories, laugh together, and you never know when a random person in the airport could become a good friend!  There is so much common ground that you can find through conversation.

Or, my carry-on bag might have a deck of cards in it.  There are so many fun pick-up card games that I can either play, whether they be one-person or multi-person games.  If I were alone, who knows?  Perhaps the conversations would lead to playing cards!

I am glad that The Daily Post gave this prompt, as I have a follow-up post that I will write sometime in the near future.


Today is the one-hundred and sixty-first day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-three weeks.


7 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 161] Low Tech Part I

  1. Jolly well said, Noah. I’m with you on this one. Writing, reading, conversation – all these are the things I would naturally think of if my Gadget Addiction were interrupted for several hours! And thanks for noticing my mistake in the running post; I honestly hadn’t noticed and was so pleased that you brought it to my attention.


    • Thanks for the comment, Ali! Indeed, all of us in this age seem to have a Gadget Addiction, and I try to find times to unplug. The airport can definitely be one of those places.


  2. For every technology that can fail, rest assured there exists a Steampunk alternative good Sir! But I must warn you: once you begin your investigation, it may well become an obsession…


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