[M.M.X.I.V. 170] TBT: October 16, 2009

To motivate the post, I have a photo taken from one of my colleagues on the evening in question, as well as a song that has been stuck in my head for the last several hours.  First, the photo, and then read on if you want to see the song and the rest of the story.

Travis and Noah

A favorite photo of the night for my colleagues, and yes, even me!  Photo credit: Travis Johnson.

The song that I am about to embed was NOT played on the night of October 16 to the best of my knowledge, but a few things about it still remind me of this evening.  The song: “Pump It Up” by Bobby “O”.

Let me describe the day, in a quick summary (after all, I did have the journal).  The day started for me at 06:30, and I quickly went to the office in order to transcribe notes to my computer (i.e. study) and do some homework.  Four courses in advanced applied math meant that I was very busy in my first year at Northwestern.

I also had review sessions in calculus and linear algebra, which were both helpful.  Although I had learnt Green’s theorem, etc. in Math 208 five years prior, I had forgotten how to use them.  And the Gerschgorin theorem in linear algebra was new to me.  My only class of the day was numerics (ESAM 446-1), and we learnt about the (2,4) MacCormack scheme for one-dimensional partial differential equations.

It was an afternoon of work, before I went to Hillel that evening for my second time.  In קבלת שבת (Kabbalat Shabbat), we did the full service, which included doing ידיד נפש (Yedid Nefesh), of which I had only done once before, when Lisa L. (R.) was in Lincoln.  Additionally, the tunes were expanded and unfamiliar to me, but it was still something that made me newly excited to be in services.  Interesting… an impetus that reignited my fire at the beginning of both my Bachelor’s and Masters/PhD tracks!

After dinner, I returned to Engelhart, as my colleagues were planning a get-together.  We sat around in Emily’s apartment and had conversations about everything from TV, comics, music, and more.  Some of the others were pre-gaming, as the plan was to go to a bar afterward.  As it turns out, this would be my first experience going to a bar with my peers.  Other times that I have gone, either it was alone (Chicago Big Red watch party) or with my parents (Brewsky’s).

So, we took the L to Wrigleyville at 22:30, and I was already starting to yawn.  We chose John Barleycorn as a bar to go to (and it was the only one we visited that night).  We stood/sat at tables on the north wall, where the bar was to our left and there were mirrors above.  Unfortunately, my TYMPANIC MEMBRANES were unhappy throughout the night, as we were right below large speakers.

Travis was the (official?) photo-taker on the night, although the first photo that I showed was someone else taking it.  I don’t think it was posed, despite how posed it looks.  (Thankfully, this photo and the next one are showing nothing that shouldn’t be shown… otherwise I would be taking a big risk putting them on my blog.)

The night consisted of music, including Thriller and some other songs that I considered danceable.  Despite the loudness, we somehow managed to cobble together conversations in groups and individuals, as shown with the next two photos.

Photo credit: Travis Johnson

Individual conversations working somewhat.  Photo credit: Travis Johnson

Photo credit Travis Johnson.

Group conversations were fun, but more challenging for me. Photo credit Travis Johnson.

Despite it being somewhat enjoyable for me, the yawning that I had at 22:30 was a red flag that I would peter out.  Indeed, by 00:45, I was completely out of energy, despite not having had anything to drink.  Although I had not officially christened it until 2010, this was definitely an example of implementing Rule #0.

For the last 50 minutes that we were there, I sat dejectedly in a chair, impatiently wanting to return to Evanston, but not wanting to go alone.  We left at 01:35, and took the L back to Evanston.  But at Howard, we had to hitch a cab (also my first time in a cab since Chicago 1997), in order to get back.

The reason why Pump It Up became a reminder of this night: in the cab, one of the songs that played on the cabbie’s sound system was a house-ified, pumped-up version of Relax (Don’t Do It) by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.  (Listen to the original given below, and let me know if I am crazy in thinking that they sound similar.)  It gave me a brief burst of energy in the front seat as I was jamming to the song, fully sober, as my inebriated colleagues were in the back seats.  They seemed pretty amused by this.

And finally, I hit the hay in my room by 03:00.  (Keeping track at home?  That means that I was up for more than 20 consecutive hours!)  I guess that this experience taught me something: if I KNOW that I will be out late, I must take a power nap in the middle of the day!  High-energy music can only give me so much energy.

So, this day was a whole bunch of firsts for me, as well as lessons learnt, fun had, and nonstop activity as I like.


Today is the one-hundred and seventieth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-four weeks and two days.


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