[M.M.X.I.V. 174] Red face powder

This post has a sub-title to it: “Creative uses of Auto-Correct.”

I am a stickler for spelling and grammar, even online.  This is especially true when a misspelling of a word changes it into a completely different word (as opposed to spelling out some non-word).  This was particularly true several years ago on the Pokegym forums.

Let me start by why I wrote this post.  On Facebook yesterday, I saw a funny face of one of my friends eating a large sandwich.  A comment said, “Looks like he’s trying to Magneto away some rouge condiment/bug” (emphasis mine).

Hmm.  that WOULD be disgusting, given that red bugs might sting going down, and I don’t like catsup either.

This will segue back to the forums now.  At least a few years ago, there were several frequently-misspelled words, and two of them become DIFFERENT words (as opposed to non-words) with the frequent misspellings.  These words were (and therefore, all misspellings are intentional):




The forum does not have an auto-correct for transposed letters most of the time, and for some reason, people often spelled the word “League” as shown above.  I have no idea how it even sounds correct when spelled that way.

The second one was not just on the Pokegym forums.  I have also seen it disturbingly frequently on other forums and places.  This even occurred in my yearbook class in 2004-5.  Of course, since I was the copy editor, the block-quote below never found its way to the final product.  If it had, (a) it would have been MY Robert Green moment, and (b) I would have had to hack into the system and change my Yearbook class grade from “A” to “F”!

“The DFA’s [Dedicated Fan Association’s] creative ploys seemed to have little effect on the Knights, who finished with a 4-5 loosing record.”

Pat, can I sell a vowel for $250?

And the last one: In the Pokémon trading card game, most tournament-goers play one of four different “classes” of decks as I see it:

  • “Meta” or “archetype” decks–those that have won many tournaments and are considered the teams to beat.
  • “Rogue” or “Anti-meta” decks–those that are built specifically to counter one or more “meta” decks.
  • Original decks–Like what I play most of the time.
  • Starter decks or bad decks.

So, I usually play rogue or original decks at League and tournaments.  On the forums, however, people misspelled the word “rogue” as “rouge” so many times that the administrators sneakily used an aut0-censor.  Any use of the word “rouge” was then changed to “red face powder” on the forums.  This was especially prevalent in 2008-9.  Of course, it had the funny consequence of changing a certain Louisiana city’s name to “Baton red face powder.”

Unfortunately (fortunately?) that correction has been eliminated.  Too bad–it was always funny seeing “red face powder” all over the forums.


Today is the one-hundred and seventy-fourth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-four weeks and six days.


2 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 174] Red face powder

  1. Meh. Spelling and grammer is overrated. Get it?

    Lol, people mess up all the time. It’s human nature. You should have seen some of the emails I had to read from “higher-ups” at some of my jobs.

    I notice these things all the time, but I guess I’m not a stickler. I don’t say anything because I know I make mistakes every day myself. I enjoyed your post, however.


    • Thanks for the comment, Timiarah! Even if the post had some sort of a “holier than thou” air about it, I should definitely not cast stones either. I tend to make silly mistakes too, but I tend to be a stickler at times (although I try not to come across in a negative light.)

      It can be tough, though!


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