[M.M.X.I.V. 175] In the evening, I’m making WAFFLES!

I can’t use this header without including the clip that I parody it from–one of my favorite lines from Shrek.

However, as much as it sounds, this post is NOT about breakfast for dinner, even though that would be a great topic, and something that I occasionally make or go for.  Instead, I’ll use the word “waffling” to motivate the rest of the post.

I have already posted about the topic that I am about to discuss, three and a half weeks ago.  However, I decided to consider a different face of it after being prompted yesterday.  From the previous post, I simply said that my sleep time has moved from 21:00 in late high school gradually to 23:00-23:59 now, without much explanation for why.  Some of it is not being tired until later, but some of it is definitely sleep procrastination.

My evening schedule is not consistent.  During weeknights (i.e. Sundays through Thursdays), I often engage in evening activities out.  Sundays invariably involve bridge club, either on campus, or at the American Social and Bridge Club in Skokie.  Mondays often mean Board Game club, and Wednesdays may mean bridge club at Temple Judea Mizpah in Skokie.

In my post “Some Nights,” I mentioned that I often skimp on sleep on weekends.  It might be a night on the town, or it might be hanging out at Hillel or a synagogue after services and dinner, in conversation, board games, or other low-key activities with my friends and acquaintances.  Either way, I definitely do not hold fast to a bed-time unless I am tired.  Yet it takes a lot of mental energy to stay up later than 23:59.

On weeknights, I try to finish all of my activities by 23:00 or earlier.  The allure of the computer, however, provides a big barrier toward sleep, as I can get engrossed in the frivolous activity of sports forums, Facebook/Twitter, or the links that they provide.  Rarely is my sleep procrastination due to work, since I have mentioned many times before that I do not work well at night.

Even when I am in bed, I want to do some sort of reading before going to bed.  Most frequently, this is either that day’s (or a previous day’s) Chicago Tribune, or the Bridge Bulletin.  Therefore, even if I am in bed by 23:00, I will often not fall asleep until 23:30 or later.  This requirement is often over-ridden if I have participated in a night out, such as mentioned two paragraphs above.

Yes, it sometimes calls into question my rigidity, since I will get distracted during the evenings.  Then again, when I was younger, sleep distraction came in the form of cartoons (i.e. Acme Hour on Cartoon Network on Saturday nights), or video games.

Although sleep is not exciting, it is definitely a necessary part of life.  Sometimes, I wonder why I skimp for frivolity, but even so, I still feel sufficiently rested each morning.  I guess that the waffling is something that makes me human!


Today is the one-hundred and seventy-fifth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-five weeks.



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