[M.M.X.I.V. 178] False start

“False start, offense.  Everyone but the center.  Five yard penalty, third down.”

As an American football fan, although I like the official’s arm motions for denoting a false start, it is one of the most annoying fouls that often kills a drive for my team.  In some sense, I took a few penalties yesterday.

I knew that yesterday might not be especially productive, since I was going to Northfield to play bridge with an acquaintance that I had met on Bridge Base Online.  After doing my usual morning routine, I decided to take out a vacuum from Engelhart’s front office and vacuum my room.  I could have been working on research or preparation for my teaching which starts next week.  But, because I knew that I would not have a lot of time with it in the morning, I didn’t get started.  (I guess that means that I actually committed a Delay of Game foul, as opposed to a False Start.)

Bridge was a lot of fun, although our partnership played very hot and cold.  Whenever we declared, it seems that the trump splits were really bad–a lot of 4-1 splits on already precarious contracts.  There were thankfully no bidding disasters, since even though this was a first-time partnership, both of us have watched the same teacher, Hondo717 for some time.  We had several really bad rounds, but sometimes you take your lumps at these events.  I still had a great time nonetheless, and was understanding toward mistakes that everyone made.  Nobody is perfect, nor is it healthy to aspire to perfection.

After I got home, I had only about 40 minutes before I had to go for an eye appointment.  I did not deem this sufficient time to do any productive work, so I again squandered the time.  In some sense, I can say that the beginning of the day set the whole tone for a day of unproductivity.  And to think that I used to be able to squeeze productive work into 40-minute time frames.  How things change…

And after the eye appointment, I was unable to get any productive work done, because my pupils were bigger than the sun!  Yes indeed, the exam included the eye drops to dilate the pupils, so I could not do any reading without the risk of giving myself a headache.  In some sense, I feel like that was just icing on the cake considering that I rarely have the will to get productive work done during the evenings anyway.

When it rains, it pours.  But, having a day like this means that tomorrow, I will redouble (bridge pun not intended) my effort and make up for the slack-off day today.  In some sense, I needed a day like today given that July will be a WHIRLWIND for me!

Despite the negative-sounding tone of this post, I am not apologizing at all.  It’s the Any-Given-Day hypothesis.


Today is the one-hundred and seventy-eighth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-five weeks and three days.


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