[M.M.X.I.V. 179] Blizzard

In Chicago, it is summer right now, and so you might be thinking, “Why am I titling this post ‘Blizzard?'”  Well, there are actually a few reasons–one is related to recent weather, and one is about last night.

In the winter, whenever I hear the word “blizzard,” I think of heavy snow, and whiteout conditions that make it difficult or impossible to see when driving.  A few of our family road trips (most saliently were December 1996 and January 2004) involved driving on the interstate in blizzard conditions.  We obviously ended up fine out of both ordeals.

Although there have not been whiteout conditions in Chicago this last week, fog has enveloped the area almost constantly, which makes it very hard to see in the morning.  It is not so thick that I cannot see in front of my face, but I certainly cannot see the tops of the buildings on campus from my apartment when the fog is thick.

Interestingly, this means it has been humid, but last week, many days had temperatures in the upper 60s/lower 70s.  With the moisture in the air, this makes it feel COOLER than what it actually is.  It’s not a wind chill, but it’s essentially the same effect.  At least psychologically… and it lessened my experience at last week’s Shabbat on the Beach.

Then, this week the weather was warmer, and a different synagogue was doing Shabbat on the Beach at Gillson Park.  I got there, equipped in long sleeves and blakhis (portmanteau spelling intentional) in case it was cool and humid.  As it turns out, this was probably a good thing, not just for the possible weather, but also for the “BLIZZARD” which blew through the area.

As for the contents within the Scare Quotes?  Mosquitoes and cottonwood.  Evidently I am very tasty to the insects, as I think that I have been subjected to bites and heat rash on some recent bike rides.  I may need to go to the store very soon in order to get some bug spray, as the biting bugs are ANNOYING.

I guess that between cool-and-humid, hot-and-humid, and super-buggy, there’s always that “law” of conservation of difficulty.  But in the end, it’s summer, so you just have to laugh it off.  Since I have no horrendous allergies, I cannot let annoyances get in my way of enjoying the outdoors!


Today is the one-hundred and seventy-ninth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-five weeks and four days.


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