[M.M.X.I.V. 180] Top of the hour

Today’s post is vocal, as given by the SoundCloud link below.  I have written the transcript of the post out in case you have a problem with listening to my voice, although you need the voice for the full effect of the post.  You can probably skip the words of the post if you listen today 🙂

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WNAW Evanston, your 17/7 home of all things Noah.

<A-cappella notes from Mighty Mighty Bosstones>

Good morning on this one-hundred and eightieth day of M.M.X.I.V.  How quickly the time has flown so far this year!  It is now time for our 08:00 production of “Bad Impressions.”  How fitting that this show begins on the top of the hour today–let me explain further!

As we all know, radio stations are required by the Federal Communications Commission to identify themselves as close to the top of the hour as practicable.  This is done with their call letters and city of license.

Many stations have pre-recorded station identification clips to play.  And I, Noah, particularly like some of them that have a little bit of fun with it.

One of the first times that I saw how much fun they have with this was on 105.3 LINC-FM (KLNC-Lincoln) back in the mid 2000’s.  (This was before it re-branded as WOW!FM in late 2007).  Their station-identifications were always really funny.  And now, here come some of the bad impressions of two of my favorite station identifications on the old LINC-FM!

“And now, a message from our pals as the FCC: KLNC Lincoln.  But you can call me Al.  No, you can call me 105.3 LINC-FM.  Sorry about that.”

“LINC-FM.  With everything from CCR to Creedence Clearwater Revival… oh,wait.  KLNC-Lincoln.”

The first station identification jingle that I heard was on 102.5 from Des Moines when I used to live in Fort Dodge, and I enjoyed the tune of it.  There are a few other station identification jingles that have stuck in my head for a while, and they are about to come.  In no particular order:

“Mix-105 KTMX! YORK!”

“Star 102.5 KSTZ! Des Moines.”

“KLIR! Columbus…”

“KFRX–Lincoln (repeat-fade-out)”

I haven’t mentioned B107.3 yet, but their station identification plugs are enjoyable for me as well.  The one which is most salient to me follows, maybe because it is the one that I am most likely to hear given my patterns of listening to that station.  On weekday mornings I will often hear this:

“K B B K, Lincoln’s at work choice–B107.3”

However, WNUR-FM (Evanston-Chicago) does not have any exciting pre-recorded station identification plugs.  If I were a DJ there, based on my previous experience with other stations, I might have to come up with one myself.  :p  But, given that radio is not likely to be my career, I guess I will have to leave it to the imagination.

And another thing: when Nebraska-area radio stations carry programming from the Husker Sports Network, there is a pre-recorded PRELUDE to station identification.

“Let’s pause fifteen seconds for station identification on the Husker Sports Network.”

I think I’m probably wearing out my welcome here.  Therefore, I want to thank you for listening to this segment of “Bad Impressions”.  We’ll go to a commercial break, and be sure to stay tuned.  And remember, “The Bad Impressions Are Always The Most Fun!”


Today is the one-hundred and eightieth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-five weeks and five days.


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