[M.M.X.I.V. 188] Go Go Go

Well, with that title of the post, I can’t help but attach a certain YouTube video… 

In order to keep on that topic for a minute, I did not actually hear that song or see that movie the first time I saw those lyrics.  Instead, it was in my senior year of high school, when I would commute to UNL.  On 10th Street, OuTek, which was an outdoors mom-and-pop store, had a marquee that described sales and sometimes had funny scrolls.  One of them: 

“Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!  GO GO GO!”

The next week, that saying was replaced with, 

“Tired of Ninjas?  We’re Not.”

That aside aside, let me get to why I wanted to write this post, and make it a short one.

Sometimes, we are in a go-go-go frame of mind and/or body.  This is especially true when in a desperate situation.  I admit that I left a lot of the weekend squandered from work, or worked very unproductively.  Well, tonight I have the following tasks to complete for tomorrow: 

  1. Compile the homework assignment that I will assign the students tomorrow.  
  2. Type up the solutions to the first homework assignment so that students will have them available tomorrow.
  3. Write the notes for tomorrow’s lecture.
  4. Grade the homework assignments that the students submitted today.

Even though this seems daunting, and I don’t know why I waited so long, I am not as in bad of shape as I fear.  These are why:

  1. I’ve already chosen most of the problems, I just need to type them up.  (I need to choose two more Challenge Problems, however.)
  2. I have these almost done, as I wrote notes of solutions as I chose the problems.
  3. I got started on what I might want to say while waiting for today’s class to start.
  4. There are only 11 students in the class.

This is probably setting a poor example for my students, however, as the leader should NOT be the one procrastinating.  It is difficult to figure out the balance between research, teaching, and non-work since this is a new-ish beast for me to wrestle against.  

But, I will work it out!  GO GO GO!


Today is the one-hundred and eighty-eighth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-six weeks and six days. 



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