[M.M.X.I.V. 191] All searches lead to Rome

Let me explain the name of the post.  I had a few different titles for the post, including “Silly search terms,” “XXX (G-rated),” and “X-cubed (No math and G-rated)” before deciding on my current title.  It will become self-evident what this is about shortly.

Search terms seem to be a common point of discussion on blogs, because the strangest search terms can sometimes be used to link to the blog.  I read a post talking about this on Pinstripes & Lipgloss today, and commented on it.  Thus, I wanted to write my own post about it.

The inanity of search terms was first brought to my attention on Alienora’s blog, and there were a few other posts about it as well on her blog, but I might as well use the primacy effect since it brought the search terms part of my Stats page into more attention.

I do not get to see every search term in my Stats, though, because many times (240, which I think is more than the remainder combined!) the mysterious term is “Unknown search terms,” which evidently is due to privacy reasons.  It’s too bad, since some of them are probably really funny.

Of the known terms, all permutations* of terms have been used as doubletons or singletons, excluding five of them: “unl hillel” has reaped six (6) searches, and “xxx mom,” “xxx 19 com,” “xxx 19,” and “rime xxx,” the latter four of which have gotten three searches apiece.  

Those people searching for “xxx” and stumbling across my blog probably leave after one click, after it becomes obvious that this is at worst a PG-rated blog.  Even though I try to maintain innocence, I know that “XXX” is something dirty, unless it refers to a Roman numeral as it does on my blog.  (Indeed, prior to M.M.X.I.V., I used Roman numerals in the count-off on M.A.P.L.E. and O.C.T.O.B.E.R.  Thus, I understand why I am hit by “XXX” search terms left and right!  And THIS is the reason why my post is named “All searches lead to Rome.”

As Taylor and Alienora did, I will comment on some of them.

To start with the most common known term, “unl hillel.”  It seems strange that there would be that much interest in the Hillel at the University of Nebraska, as it was not a very happening group when I was there.  It could be that I have gotten spoiled by Northwestern’s Hillel, and have changed my prior impressions.

A search term that popped up twice: “who enforces speed limit on bike trails” and the answer is nobody.  In fact, I think that there is no enforced speed limit on bike trails, other than what is physically possible.  Of course, after Sunday the 29th of June, maybe I would like to see something with speed limits!  Then again, “There Oughta Be A Law” is easily abused.

Maybe some of the PG-plus stuff has involved the times where I have mentioned bladders nearly exploding on my travelogues.  One of the silliest bladder-involved search term was “car my bladder rest stop” which I suppose makes sense, as that is probably one of the most obvious reasons to stop at those rest stops on the highway.  Once, I stopped at a rest stop simply to stretch, however.

Sometimes, I Google these weird search terms to see how my blog gets on them.  One of the longest terms, however, I could not find my blog on Google using this term: “exactly three years ago, at around 2300h i was riding with my dad on his bike.”  That term is weird anyway, as the other search terms appeared to refer to a motorcycle (motorbike).  Ordinary bicycles are suited for one person only!

Then, there are complete nonsense terms.  For example, “johnny ojanpera her missing component is me.”  I have no idea who Johnny Ojanpera is, but I suppose that all of the other words have appeared on my blog before.  Even though “component” I would potentially use in a mathematical sense. 

Here’s another thing of nonsense, of course involving the triple-ex. I hope that the mere mention of this term doesn’t lead to searches which could lead to viruses, malware, and other bad items.  The search term was “rouded figer xxx hd photos” and not only are the first two things probably needing to buy “N,” but I see that “xxx hd photos” is only going to lead to trouble.  I am too scared to see how that linked to my blog, nor do I recommend that anyone try to use that search term.

And yet another “xxx” based thing of nonsense: “xxx saaian xxx bvd.”  What, does someone watch Dragon Ball Z on some unnamed boulevard and think that my blog focuses on darker anime?

One slight concern involving the triple-ex: One search term was “www.mapal xxx.com”.  Again, I am not going to attempt to search it out, but I hope that I have not created a post title that strongly resembles a site full of pornography, illegal material, and more.

Clearly, any website can be attacked by spammers, junk visits, and unwanted traffic that has no interest in the actual material.  Sites which liberally use R- and X-rated words are probably particularly vulnerable to this.  Thank goodness for Akismet, however!

  • I said “permutations” because the order matters.  Two of the search terms that were listed separately were “tbt xxx” and “xxx tbt”.


Today is the one-hundred and ninety-first day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-seven weeks and two days.


5 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 191] All searches lead to Rome

    • Yes, indeed, Ali. I guess that when I first used Roman numerals, I didn’t consider the idea of search engines indexing the triple-ex. Oh well, I don’t think that they would trash my blog!


  1. I enjoyed reading this! You’ve certainly had some bizarre search terms come up on your blog… I like how some of them don’t even make sense to be googled, like the one about the bike. Why would you google something so specific? Thanks for sharing!!


    • Thanks for the comment, Taylor! Oddly, sometimes I will make very specific Google searches, but they will often be for specific quotes that I have heard before and want to see again.


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