[M.M.X.I.V. 193] False Friday

Yesterday started out like any normal day this July (at least in terms of my schedule).  However, a couple other things were added.  It was still a Friday, of course, but the word “False” will come in a few times, when I write a couple of the sentences in bold.

After talking with my parents on Thursday, they encouraged me to go to the doctor ASAP to get an X-ray for the wrist that I had injured on the 29th.  In retrospect, I should have done it last week, but I tend to attempt to show strength from injuries for too long.  

So, the beginning of the day was me going to Tech, and printing out everything to give to my class.  Class went pretty well, although the material (curvature) was admittedly difficult, both for the students and for me.  I’ll review some of it on Monday, and realize that I can adjust the pace and the material for them.  

Shortly thereafter, there was the weekly meeting with the other instructors and program staff, in order to discuss how things have been going.  That is not critical to this blog post, so I will skip it.

The doctor appointment was set for 14:40, and the result of the appointment was to get an X-ray at a diagnostic radiologist.  But first, I biked the short distance to the bike shop, as I had noticed a lot of friction on my rear tire.

After they took a quick look over the bike, I could see that the free-wheeling of the rear wheel was way off center, and lopsided.  Upon further inspection, there was indeed a reason why the wheel was false (i.e. NOT trued): sometime recently a spoke had broke!  That almost certainly explained why I had a flat rear tire earlier in the week.  So, I involuntarily left my bike there for the repair. 

Taking the L to the Evanston Hospital’s radiology clinic, I got the X-ray, with the technician saying that I would probably find the result on Monday.

Fast forward to today, when I got home from services.  I had two voice-mails, with both of them mentioning that my X-ray results were urgent.  Upon talking with the doctor, the result: sub-acute non-displaced distal radial fracture on the right wrist. 

That is bad news, but is also good news.  It means that it is not an emergency situation (if it were, I probably would have had extra complications over the last 13 days), so I can wait until Monday to go to the orthopaedist and see what happens, rather than going to the emergency department now.  

If it’s a cast, maybe I can get it in purple or red!

Maybe this is cruel irony that I have been studying fracture mechanics for materials, only to now have a fracture mechanic (i.e. orthopaedist) about to work on me!

Thinking of the word “orthopaedist,” however, gives me an idea for tomorrow’s blog post.  (Don’t worry, it will not be a medical post.)


Today is the one-hundred and ninety-third day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-seven weeks and four days.


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