[M.M.X.I.V. 194] Welcome to the Centre


Your Team is on Practice


At bowling leagues and tournaments, about ten minutes before the competition begins, the lanes open up for practice, where nothing counts.  When I was in the bowling league at Sun Valley Lanes back in 2006-9, the scoring computers shifted to QUBICA/AMF, and on the scoresheet screens overhead, there were a few weeks where the block quote above (minus the quotation marks) appeared, and of course, the “6:25” was a count-down from ten minutes.

Astute readers may notice that the words “centre” and “practice” come from different traditions of English spelling.  The former is used in the U.K., and the latter is used in the U.S.A.  (In other places that speak and write English as a primary language, I do not know which spelling style is more likely to be used.)

However, there are many cases in the States where the U.K. spelling of words will be used.  For example, venues that show movies I tend to see more often spelled, even in the U.S.A., as “movie theatre” instead of “movie theater.”  This was true in Fort Dodge, Iowa, at the cinema on the east side of downtown.  (I think its full name at the time was “Cinema 3 Theatre.”)

To consider another U.K. spelling in Fort Dodge, there is a building downtown called the Boston Centre.  It used to hold the restaurant Marvin Gardens, but at least as of 2009, that restaurant was replaced by Olde Boston’s.  The reason I know that: my parents and I took a quick trip there in August of 2009 for a rendezvous with a family friend.  When we ate dinner at Olde Boston’s that night, the owner recognized us, as he was the husband of my third-grade teacher!

As I hinted yesterday with the word “orthopaedic,” there are several U.K. spellings of words that I prefer over the U.S.A. versions.  For example, I think that my FAVOURITE form of one of these words is capitalized in this sentence.  And RUMOURS have it that perhaps I am partially with U.K. blood given my preference for some of these words.  I don’t actually think so, of course, but people probably have auras of culture from all around the world!

The rest of this post may move from example to example.  Hopefully you’ll have a good sense of humour and won’t get too lost in my stream of consciousness.  Here it comes–prepare to caulk the wagon and float across!

Another grammatical difference that I have noticed: words like “coordinates” or “cooperation.”  I’ve seen the former with an umlaut, and the latter I have seen with a hyphen between the double-oh (i.e. co-operation) when I was in Barbados in 2001.  Is this something that was just done there, or is there a convention to use the hyphen there?

Several of the bloggers that I regularly read, such as Alienora and Sue Vincent, I know are eastwardly across the pond.  However, there is another source that I get for U.K. spelling of words, which may be somewhat unexpected: the video game series Dragon Quest.

Indeed, in that game, the English is written in a U.K. style, so you’ve got your “defence,” “recognise,” “fulfil,” and “vigour,” among others.  I also notice that capitalisation is used sparingly in that game.  In many other video games that I have seen, items are always considered to be proper nouns, but not in the Dragon Quest series.  So, for example, one item in the game is a chimaera wing, and if you use it, the dialogue box says, “The hero flings a chimaera wing.”  The item’s name is not capitalised either on the menu or in dialogue boxes.  It probably would be in a different game series.

I don’t know whether the differences in spelling irk me, amuse me, or are just a Noah fixation point with no particular bas…



To come full-circle to the beginning of the post, in Lincoln there is a medical office called the Lincoln Orthopaedic Center.  Ever since I saw that there are some places that spell that O-word as “orthopedic,” (and also, the U.K. spelling puts squiggly lines underneath “orthopaedic” on my WordPress editor :p ), I realize that the L.O.C. has combined its spellings.  I guess that there’s consistency in inconsistency, and that will certainly colour our lives!


Today is the one-hundred and ninety-fourth day of M.M.X.I.V.   That makes twenty-seven weeks and five days.


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