[M.M.X.I.V. 201] Red Flag

No vehicles are approaching.  However, that will not stop me from getting to equip a Red Flag.  It is something that I am unable to do when I am riding my bike, and given that I am disabled from that for a few weeks, I might as well check something off my list.  Eight seconds is all I need to tick this off the list.

Standing on the east side of the road, looking across at the place of Mystery.  Well, evidently it cannot be so mysterious since I can see it with my own eyes.  It is a place that can be accessed through several ways, but if by bike, only by a tortuous route through various neighborhoods, and the route makes little sense.  Here I am, standing across from mystery.

I look toward my left.  I can see a triangular intersection on the horizon.  This is Central, Crawford, and Gross Point.  In the middle of that triangle is an Island which serves Vienna Beef hot dogs and other comfort food.  Never have I been there on the interior, but it is a common passing by point when I actually am able to ride my bike.  No vehicles are approaching.

I look toward my right.  All I see are trees lining the road, and the Mystery extending to the corner of my eye.  The real Mystery will be after I cross this chasm, in order to find the figurative Tent of Meeting.  I can see the trees obscuring the Mystery, and I can see trees obscuring the houses on my side of the chasm.  No vehicles are approaching.

A sign to my right side reads “LOOK LEFT AND RIGHT WHEN CROSSING.”  Mission accomplished.  It also reads, “FOR ADDED VISIBILITY CARRY RED FLAG ACROSS WITH YOU.”  Below this sign, a half-open cylindrical surface harbors a few Red Flags.  However, part of the Flag is outside of the closure of the surface, so I cannot include it when using the divergence theorem.  Too bad!

Suddenly, to my right, I see lights approaching from the horizon.  I know that I have enough time to cross the chasm, however.  I pick up the red flag and begin to take a step across the chasm.  Underfoot, a white set of tracks is separated also by concrete, white, concrete, and so on.  Despite the vehicle’s approach, it is sufficiently far away that I do not fear an attack.  Given that I have already sustained an impact, a second impact could only compound and exacerbate the damage.

Its approach does not stop me from frolicking across the track.  Holding the flag in my left hand, it takes control of me.  I am transformed from an ordinary Noah into a pirouetting ballerina with all of the grace of a badly spun dreidel.  My students might be interested in figuring out the arclength that my center of mass or maybe that the flag subtended across this chasm.  But, for me even mentioning it, that makes this problem probably strike out.  We shall see!

The sky smiles at me as I pirouette across this chasm in a carefree manner.  The extra Characters that inhabit my right side encourage me to go crazy.  With the temperatures hovering around twenty-five Celsius, the Sun preparing to hide behind the backdrop of the Mystery, and some puffy cumulus clouds throughout the sky, each step and pop easily propel me across the Chasm. The story will end before the Fearsome Cager even comes close to reaching the Chasm.

My steps, and the song and dance of the Red Flag, have whisked me across to the entrance of the Mystery that is Lovelace Park.  A trail that curves and bends, rises and falls, but only slightly.  A water fountain as the centerpiece, a wonderful place for logging, meditating, or just being.  Several paces in front of that, I see the Tent of Meeting.  But, the journey to that is many stories away.  Call that idea what you will–medium awareness, Breaking the Fourth Wall, or any other trope.

The fact remains, that I can call End Scene.  I have accomplished the small bucket list item of the Flag invoking the Ballerina Transform on the Pedestrian Noah.  And all in the confines of this very short story!


Today is the two-hundred and first day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-eight weeks and five days.

Today is the sixth day of the Character Building Trials.

EDIT: I do not like “Quick Post” interface that you get from the WordPress main page, the one that loads with “Beep beep boop.”  The formatting got messed up when I scheduled it, and I had to make an edit so that it wasn’t a single-paragraph wall of text!


2 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 201] Red Flag

  1. A beautifully written piece, Noah. It is poetic, moving, at times funny and so evocative that I felt as if I were watching you! Excellent post!


    • Thanks, Ali! Indeed, it was fun to write, even though the writing of it obviously took more than eight seconds.

      As I alluded, since I am usually around crosswalks while cycling, I never get to have the pleasure of carrying a flag across.


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