[M.M.X.I.V. 208] Journeys

For any of my long-time blog readers, this post will probably look very familiar in format to one of my early posts.  After I post the body, I will explain the reasons for the post.  As it turns out, there is a LOT of symbolism that I will uncover.

EXCEL MMXIV, Chapter 1

1) These are the journeys of rising freshmen at Northwestern, hand-selected by the committee of EXCEL.  2) As NOT insisted upon by their Calculus III instructor, the following are their comings and their goings in the Wilderness of Calculus III.  3) And they set off on the first day of the seventh month of the Gregorian calendar.  4) And they set off, to Three-Dimensional Coordinates.  5) And they journeyed from Three-Dimensional Coordinates, and pitched in Basic Vector Properties.  6) And they journeyed from Basic Vector Properties, and pitched in Cross Products and Parametric Curves.

7) And they journeyed from Parametric Curves and pitched in Calculus of 2D Parametric Curves.  8) And they journeyed from Calculus of 2D Parametric Curves and pitched in Lines and Planes in Space.  9) And they journeyed from Lines and Planes in Space and pitched in Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates.  10) And they journeyed from Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates and pitched in Vector Valued Functions and Space Curves.  11) And they journeyed from Vector Valued Functions and Space Curves and pitched in Calculus of Vector Valued Functions.

12) And they journeyed from Calculus of Vector Valued Functions and pitched in Motion in Space.  13) And they journeyed from Motion in Space and pitched in Curvature. 14) And they journeyed from Curvature and pitched in Multivariable Functions and Limits. 15) And they journeyed from Multivariate Functions and Limits and pitched in Partial and Directional Derivatives.  16) And they journeyed from Partial and Directional Derivatives and pitched in Chain Rule. 17) And they then recalled their journeys along the wilderness of Calculus III.


People that have read my blog from the very beginning may very well recognize the style of this post.  And for those who have not, this is an opportunity to link to one of my earliest posts… in fact, my very first post!

The style of this post is exactly like what I read from תורה (Torah) yesterday for פרשת מסעי (Parashat Mas’ei).  And to make this even more coincidental (or NOT!) today’s Hebrew date is 29 Tammuz, 5774.  Well, on 29 Tammuz 5771 (July 31, 2011), I had just gotten back from Israel, and launched my blog at 13:00 Central standard time.  Therefore, I find that it is probably NOT coincidence.

Come to think of it, the end of July has frequently in recent years marked the end of a journey, whether it be a research experience, summer camp, or trip of a lifetime.  This was definitely true in 2001 (Duke TIP), 2006 (research in Herman’s lab), 2007 (RUTE), 2008 (REU), 2011 (Birthright), and 2014 (EXCEL teaching).

But, for every end is a new beginning. The fun has only started!

WAIT A SECOND.  There’s another hidden piece of symbolism in the ordinal day of the year here!  MATH 208 is the course number for Calculus III at UNL on the semester system, so therefore another NON-coincidence appears for writing about the end of my EXCEL role in this way!


Today is the two-hundred and eighth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-nine weeks and five days.

Today is the thirteenth day of the Character Building Trials.  That makes one week and six days.


2 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 208] Journeys

  1. As I was reading this, I was thinking, ‘This has a decidedly Biblical feel to it!’ I am only familiar with the portion of the Torah a friend’s daughter memorised for her Bat Mitzvah – but am sure there are stylistic familiarities. I love the way you have written this, Noah, using an ancient format for modern day studies.


    • Thanks, Ali! Indeed, as I mentioned in the second part of my post, the style was intentionally the same as what I read from the Torah, as well as the very first blog post that I made. Sometimes, these coincidences seem meant to happen!


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