[M.M.X.I.V. 209] Autopilot controls

It is very easy to hit the mental auto-pilot when driving, if you have a certain route which “always” leads to one destination.  For example, if you are going to a social event that is along the same route as work, you’ll probably have to tell yourself (or get your passenger(s) involved!) that you are NOT going to work.  I have not really experienced this on bike, but perhaps I don’t get out enough 🙂

However, the autopilot that I am referring to is not the one with respect to driving.  Rather, it is talking about keyboard shortcuts.

On most PC applications (and even WordPress) that support formatting of text, you can use the key combination CTRL+B in order to get boldface text.  Use CTRL+U to get underlined text, and CTRL+I to get italicized text.  And there is also CTRL+C for Copy, CTRL+X for Cut, and CTRL+V for Paste.

All right, since I’m talking about the CTRL keys, I must use my favorite combination: CTRL + ALT + DEL and how it was used in a video game: Super Paper Mario.  One of the bosses has a computer-speak which is hacked by an enemy.


Back to what I was actually doing in terms of autopilot.

Typesetting mathematical documents and papers is not well done in Microsoft Office.  The interface is not very friendly to equations, and it is not universal–if a .docx document is displayed, for example, on a Google viewer, the equations are not along for the ride.  I have also seen compatibility issues elsewhere.

Therefore, LaTeX is the better method.  I use a program called LyX which combines the best of LaTeX with the best of word processing.  If you use LaTeX code for equations, all you have to do is press CTRL+M to enter math mode where you can type the equation or expression using LaTeX code.

It automatically formats the document as well, but sometimes that can be difficult.  If I were more of an expert in LaTeX, it would be a bit easier, but I have taken an easier road and it might bite me later.

So, therefore there are two autopilots that I struggle with from LyX back to a standard word processor.

  • If I press CTRL+M on a standard word processor, nothing happens.
  • If I press CTRL+I when in text mode on LyX, nothing happens.  If I want to get text italicized, the key to use is CTRL+E (for \emph{}).
    • But if I use CTRL+E on the WordPress editor on a Web browser, it simply prints a “?” in the address bar of my browser…
    • And in Microsoft Word, CTRL+E centers the text.

I hear that on Apple computers, the “Apple” key replaces the “CTRL” key for some of those keyboard shortcuts.  Therefore, that would be another area of autopilot that could occur, although I am a PC person myself.


Today is the two-hundred and ninth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-nine weeks and six days.

Today is the fourteenth day of the Character Building Trials.  That makes two weeks.


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