[M.M.X.I.V. 232] August 20, 2005

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a Part 2 to yesterday’s post, regarding the idea of leaving a party in order to walk on a college campus.  In this post, I recall one of these incidents that happened precisely nine years ago.  Wow–to think that it was that long ago, yet at the same time, not so long ago!

Saturday, August 20, 2005                                                                             Day -1

I woke up at 630 with a froggy voice—certainly backlash from my yelling last night! [I’ll have to get used to spirit voice again or this will continue.] I went to the front desk to inquire about Internet connectivity. Of course, I got no answer, and ResNet isn’t open on weekends. Rats! I returned to the room and had grape juice, a cinnamon roll, and some Raisin Bran, while listening to last night’s recording [of the Ultimate 80’s Request Party] that was impossible to hear at the Rec. I otherwise just killed time until about 1000.

I drove to the synagogue for the Torah and Musaf services for Emma’s bat-mitzvah. With the new rabbi, services were shorter (or seemed that way); I even didn’t fall asleep during the sermon! The portion was about the Ten Commandments, so I paid attention. [During one of the readings, everyone rose; the reading that listed the Commandments]. After services, the luncheon was good… I had bagels, חלה [challah], and some chocolate (and lemonade too). Everyone was asking about how college [or at least campus life] is going. I’ve done great so far!

[Upon return to Neihardt], I changed clothes, checked my Internet connection <still down>, and then just plugged about. I’ll head to The Cornhusker at about 1600 or so. During this time, I called the Help Desk, because Office was not working. It turns out that all I had to do was eliminate the trial version of Office. That’s good to know! [Additionally, before 1600], I called Mrs. Christiansen [my ninth-grade English teacher, Z”L], and we discussed UNL, painting, and the office.

Then, I walked to The Cornhusker. It only took about twelve minutes and it was a nice walk, albeit humid. Oh well! I had some candy and played Uno and chess [in the hospitality room]. I also wrote, checked the party room [in the convention center of the hotel] for tonight, and did stair-running. Even though the stairs say “EMERGENCY USE ONLY”, lack of walking is emergency enough!  Back in the hospitality room, I found my cousin Jeff was being really annoying, but hey. I can take it!

At the party, each table had a different candy theme (like sour, chocolate, Wonka, etc.) The food included Italian-type fare and then fruits, vegetables, and crackers. Of course, I chose the latter. I had fun chatting with anyone and everyone about anything and everything, and … (any, every… blah blah blah…) There was a dance floor too, but it wasn’t very happening off the bat. I expected it, though, due to the dinner of course!

But the karaoke… FUN! I got to do “Rhythm of the Night” [since I didn’t get to hear it last night], and [was planning to] later [sing] “Bohemian Rhapsody”. There was a great variety of choices from each era! Family is more important than a college party. Someone recommended that I arrive late to it [the UNL Party on the Plaza for new students] anyway, so I made the right choice! I decided to leave after the karaoke ended. <OK, so I missed the latter song, but that’s fine. One is good enough.>

Molly and Dad walked with me to UNL; Molly wanted to see my room and room-mate. It reminds me of a few times when Dad and I abdicated bar/bat-mitzvah parties downtown to walk around campus or downtown. After showing Molly my room [and her meeting of Phillip, to which she says “not hot” <whew!>], I went to the Union for the party. However, I missed the fun stuff… a rock band was coming and I didn’t want a repeat of last night. Luckily, I saw a bunch of LSE alumni, who were frequent classmates of mine, including Jessica C., Claire C., and Kaeli Z., among others. In the Union, I found computers with working Web connections, so I checked my e-mails. Of course, there wasn’t much there. I returned to Neihardt about 2300 and called it a day.



Today is the two-hundred and thirty-second day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes thirty-three weeks and one day.

Today is the thirty-seventh day of the Character Building Trial.  That makes five weeks and two days.


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