[M.M.X.I.V. 236] Free!

After rebate.


When I was in fifth or sixth grade, one time my family was driving past the Walgreen store at 70th and O in Lincoln.  We were waiting to turn to go west on O Street from northbound 70th, and were there for at least two cycles of the light.  Looking to the right, I saw the marquee advertising various items at this Walgreen store.  This of course consisted of the item, and then the advertised price.

Well, several of these items had the price of:

[flashing] FREE

[new display] AFTER REBATE

It must have been a rebate sale, because there was a whole list of them.  My siblings and I were amused by this, so we started reading the items as they appeared, in a mechanical monotone, followed by singing “FREE… after rebate!”  Or another one: “TWO… for a dollar!”  (The notes: C1 whole-note for FREE or TWO, and eighth-notes A, C1, A, E for “af-ter re-bate” or “for a dol-lar.”)

The reason why this was salient today: the laundry machines in Engelhart were usable free of charge today!  Therefore, I was enthralled, because it was laundry day anyway for me, and it gave me an opportunity to wash EVERYTHING (i.e. the load that I needed to do, as well as the blankets and linens.)

And another thing which ended up being free: a bailout of a lockout!  After I had put my laundry in the machine, I realized just after I left the laundry room that I had locked myself out, because the heavy items in my pockets were quarters, instead of keys!  The laundry room has a door with the red pad that can be unlocked with a key fob.

Ordinarily, there is a ten-dollar fine for locking out of your apartment in Engelhart.  But for this case, anyone in the building has access to the laundry room.  So, I was able to find another resident and ask kindly for access and not have to pay a ten-dollar fine.  Whew–try not to lock out again!

EDIT: Can’t believe I didn’t include THIS picture from last summer…

FREE stamp


Today is the two-hundred and thirty-sixth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes thirty-three weeks and five days.

Today is the forty-first day of the Character Building Trial.  That makes five weeks and six days.


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