[M.M.X.I.V. 241] Wokking again

The subtitle of this post may be “Double Faux Pas.”  I will explain at the end.

During Phase One of the Character Building Trial, as I have mentioned previously, many activities that I would normally do became impossible, such as writing, riding my bike, and shuffling cards.  As it turns out, there was one other activity which significantly changed me in an acute method during this time:

Wielding silverware.

Yes indeed–it was almost impossible to eat in a civilized manner, as I could not effectively hold silverware (particularly knives) in my right hand.  Therefore, most of the food that I ate was finger food.  I would make a mess if I had to eat with silverware (or plasticware for that matter)!

Naturally, this also meant that my cooking repertoire was limited.  One of my favorite meals to cook is stir-fry, and the most annoying part of doing that is the chopping.  Well, since chopping involves holding a knife, and I also needed some dexterity with stirring the stir-fry after putting it in the wok, neither of these were possible.

After I stir-fried for the first time on my own back in December of 2009, I have added it as a regular part of my cooking repertoire, and tend to make it at least twice a month, including always in a teamwork manner with my family for the ערב קריסמס (Erev Christmas) party on December 24 each year.

Well, after inspecting my journal, I realized that prior to last night, I had not wokked for 74 days.  That’s a long time in my book for something that I normally do at least once every 14 days!

So, the two faux pas that I committed in this post?  One was the pun, and the second I am about to show: FOODSTAGRAMMING! (Even though this is definitely Laterfoodstagramming, and I don’t have Instagram in the first place…)

BACK to the LAB

BACK to the LAB


And the result. It was quite spicy, as I overdid it on the sriracha sauce!


Today is the two-hundred and forty-first day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes thirty-four weeks and three days.

Today is the forty-sixth day of the Character Building Trial.  That makes six weeks and four days.


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