[M.M.X.I.V. 245] No happy medium

A song that ShireiNU covered has occasionally gotten stuck in my head, and it is given below.  The idea “no happy ending” I decided to modify to this post into “no happy medium” after today.  But, there is nothing unhappy about the post whatsoever!  Here is the song, and once again, I have never heard it in its actual form, only the ShireiNU cover.

A better sub-title of the post might be: “Hot and Cold; Young and Old.”  This post is a couple of ideas smashed together–let’s see how it goes!

Last week, I was forced to use my air conditioning for the first time in several weeks, as the temperature finally climbed into the upper 80’s Fahrenheit.  What I realized, however, was that when I had the A/C on, it was hard for me to get up in the morning, because the cold room made me want to just stand in bed.  This is also true back in Lincoln during the winter, since Dad doesn’t turn up the heater greater than 62 degrees Fahrenheit!

But, when I turned off the A/C, it wasn’t long before the humidity and seeping heat made the room quite uncomfortable, so I would turn back on the A/C.  Lather, rinse, and repeat.  (Of course, I have spent more time at the office than I have in my apartment excluding weekends and evenings recently, but the fact remains nonetheless!)

On Friday, the temperature was quite pleasant, so I opened the windows in my humBle aBode.  That was not such a great idea, Because during the day, window washers had come around the Building, and removed the Bug screen from my window.   Thankfully, I did not draw the CREEPER 😦 card, But I had to keep my wits aBout me and elude the flying Black and Yellow.  In this short paragraph, oBserve any of the irregular capitalizations in order to oBtain the stealth pun that I have successfully incuBated here.  Free your worries, though, as I did not get stung.

So, that’s the Hot and Cold part (yep, no Katy Perry reference necessary… oops, there it goes.)

Yesterday morning, as I was heading downstairs, I thought about how I might write this blog post.  At the end of the day, however, another idea became abundantly clear as to how I could expand the post.  Young and Old.

My primary activity yesterday was in Skokie at the Weber Park Leisure Center, for the annual Labor Day Sectional.  It’s a bridge tournament!  Today’s events were Swiss Teams, featuring two sessions “play-through” (i.e. with a very short lunch break).  In some sense, the post I wrote two days ago perfectly talks about my whole weekend!  And about the Young and Old, with comments about Lose Early intertwined:

YOUNG: I play the Pokémon trading card game (PTCG), which could be lambasted as a children’s card game.  There is actually a lot of strategy and thinking (as well as a little bit of luck!) involved in the game.

On Sunday, I played in a PTCG tournament, and won my first round in a five-round Swiss tournament, after surprising my opponent with my deck and this element of surprise inducing several misplays (I won’t say errors, as in the PTCG, “error” refers to an irregularity which can be penalized by a judge, as opposed to a misplay which would be perfectly legal).  So I was on the winners’ track, before proceeding to record 0 match points with an 0-4-0 record over the last four matches, whether due to bad luck, misplays, or bad matchups.

OLD: Bridge can be lambasted as an old folk’s card game.

In this tournament, the post “Lose early” also came into mind.  A few hands I made after deliberately losing sure losing tricks early, in order to maintain control of the hand.  However, the “win early” got us in the same bind as with the PTCG story.

In session one, we won our first two matches after playing the hands well on both the declaring and defending sides, and our teammates holding up the bargain as well.  In Swiss teams, having a plus score is important on each hand, and we had 9 pluses, 2 minuses, and one pass-out en route to victories of 11-8 International Match Point (IMP) and 24-13 IMP.

However, in IMP scoring, one bad board can produce a huge swing (10+) in IMP.  This happened in both rounds three and four.  In round three, we didn’t bid to a slam that the other side bid and made–a swing of -10 IMP.  If that board were a push instead, we would have won 8-7, but instead lost 8-17.

Slams swung on Round Four too, but this time, the opponents took advantage of our defense (lack thereof?) for a 14-point swing.  That match we ended up losing 13-23.

In the second session, we won our first match by a score of 24-16 IMP, but then lost the last two.  The penultimate set was a complete blowout (1-37 IMP), but the second, despite mental exhaustion, only ended up as a 3-point loss (5-8 IMP).

A 3-4 showing was better than I might have hoped, considering that this was my partner’s first time at a face-to-face bridge tournament.  It was worth 0.42 masterpoint as well!  It went waaaaay better than the online tournament that we participated in during the spring.


In other words, (apologies to One Republic): “Old, but I’m not that old, young, but I’m not that bold.”)

This discussion of the two non-happy-medium card games naturally leads to the question: what would be “The Card Game” for young adults and middle-aged people that would not be seen to be either immature or old-folksy?


Today is the two-hundred and forty-fifth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes thirty-five weeks.

Today is the fiftieth day of the Character Building Trial.  That makes seven weeks and one day.


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