[M.M.X.I.V. 257] Personality test?

There are many ways to take personality tests.  Some of these include psychologically-approved methods, tongue-in-cheek using quizzes on the Internet (such as Buzzfeed, etc.)  However, I feel that when people participate in competitive games of strategy, it tells a lot about their personality!

Why do I think this?  The idea for this blog post stirred in my mind as I was riding my bike back to the L from a Pokémon TCG tournament today.  I played a deck that I had built yesterday, with the premise being very defensive, in trying to prevent damage to my side (for those of my readers who play the PTCG, it used Kyurem, Aurorus, and Ludicolo).  So many of the other decks that are frequently played in the former are of the strategy of “Attack, Attack, Attack!”  I won three of five matches in the tournament today, with the losses: one was a very bad start and bad draws, and the second was a competitive match in which I set up, but had fallen too far behind to make a comeback.

For as long as I have played the PTCG, I have rarely taken up the mantra “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”  Sure, I may have played some meta decks, such as Meta-nite in 2006, Ludi-cargo in 2005, or Fluffychomp in 2013, but most often, I will play competitively with cards that do not get the limelight very often, but that I see potential in.  One of my favorite things in a tournament: when the opponent, not expecting the cards that I play, asks, “May I read that card?”  (Many players tend to memorize the most commonly-played cards, and get thrown off when they see an unusual deck!) I also play low-caliber decks for the younger and newer players, as I like stepping back into their shoes every once in a while.

Most of my decks have some strategy that relies either on synergy which may not be obvious to other players, or some sort of defensive strategy that often annoys the other player.  With many of my decks, they can outlast the opponents’ limited resources, and indeed, many of the long matches that I have played end up becoming victories for me.  (I have no specific statistic on this, however!)  It seems that I prefer to play on the defensive than on the offensive in the PTCG.

I was thinking about making a sports analogy too, but that doesn’t always work very well, since sports often have different positions stratified in some way by physical ability, rather than just mental or personality.  If I played football, I would probably be a receiver due to my physical build, even though I know that I can’t catch worth a darn!

I play more on the defensive than the offensive even in life in general, which is the reason why I considered blogging about this today!  My proactive skills are pretty underdeveloped compared to my reaction on the spot.  I do not think that I plan very well ahead for the far future, which seems to be more along the lines of someone who emphasizes defense over offense.

It seems not so far-fetched, but I wonder if any of my readers feel the same way–that their personality matches their techniques in strategic competition, or their jobs, or other similar situations?


Today is the two-hundred and fifty-seventh day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes thirty-six weeks and five days.

Today is the sixty-second day of the Character Building Trial.  That makes eight weeks and six days.


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