[M.M.X.I.V. 259] Temperamental weather

Thinking about the word “temperamental,” I have to include a song that I have heard on Pandora that I particularly like–one from a group that was popular back in the mid-90s, but that I never heard THIS song on the radio.  However, it is not especially related to the post other than the name of the song.  Here goes anyway… you need not listen to the song while reading the post, but I leave it as an option!

One joke about Chicago is that there are only two seasons: winter and construction season.   This year, it seemed that there was indeed construction season, but that there was virtually no summer!

Indeed, winter seemed to go on forever… even into May.  Though the snow had stopped falling, the weather was still windy and cold.  (In particular, the first weekend in May was brutal, considering the time of year!)  Polar vortices left and right, lots of snow, wind, and ice.

The weather finally turned supposedly-springlike around late May and early June.  However, Memorial Day did not turn into the hottest day of the year by a large margin like it has in previous years.  I don’t know whether that was a harbinger or not!

A harbinger?  June was a pretty cool month weatherwise.  The sun was often shining, but there was also a good amount of rain.  It reminded me of June 1997 in Lincoln, as well as early July 1997, where the temperature was always cool, and I heard Ace of Base’s cover of “Cruel Summer” and thought that “cruel” was “cool” referring to the weather.  If I had listened more carefully to the song, the lyrics “pavement burning” would immediately discredit THAT hypothesis, unless in full jest there!

Sometimes, it seems that spring is a week and then a long, hot summer develops.  NOT THIS YEAR!  The temperature was usually quite comfortable in the upper-70’s or lower 80’s (Fahrenheit), but it was not always outdoors weather due to frequent thunderstorms.  The Character Building Trial and EXCEL teaching further hampered my ability and will to be outside, such that this summer did not really feel like a summer!

September has been a very temperamental month for weather as long as I have considered it carefully.  There have been days that the temperature was in the 90’s (example: my eighth-grade year, where we had some early dismissals due to the heat.  But, I feel that a one-hour early out does little to get us out of the heat–it was an end time of 14:00 instead of 15:00.)

Although I have never seen snow in September in any of my locales, it has definitely gotten colder than so-called fall weather at times.  Either way, temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s feel REALLY cold due to the hypothesis of temperature relativity.  In mid-September 1998, my family was in San Francisco for the A.A.F.P. convention, and the weather threw me off, as I was frequently shivering, though in retrospect, the temperatures were in the 60’s and 70’s — quite pleasant.

And one more thing: when I was in Lincoln, יום כיפור (Yom Kippur) was often one of the hottest days of the fall.  In 2001, I specifically remember badly schvitzing (sweating) in leaving services!

Despite variance in weather, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I would get bored with non-variable air conditions, as it does tell a story!


Today is the two-hundred and fifty-ninth day of M.M.X.I.V.   That makes thirty-seven weeks.

Today is the sixty-fourth day of the Character Building Trial.  That makes nine weeks and one day.


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