[M.M.X.I.V. 261] Late games

Ten minutes on the clock.  GO.

This is somewhat of a continuation of the post that I wrote this weekend.  In that one, I was in some sense ruing the kick-off time for the (American) football game that Nebraska had at Fresno State, where the start time was 21:30 in Chicago time.  It was even a little bit later than my usual “night kickoff time” in local Fresno time–that would correspond to 19:30.

Well, last night, I ended up going to a game that started at 21:30 local time.  It was an (Association) football game featuring Northwestern versus Valparaiso University.  I went with my roommate from Norway, and we enjoyed discussing strategy as the game ran on, and prior to the game, we chatted about alarmed doors and crosswalks.  Of course, I mentioned the latter on my blog earlier this year.

Lakeside Field’s bleachers were packed, and the reason why the game was so late tonight was because it was a part of Wildcat Welcome, the introduction week to Northwestern for freshmen.  It was fun, not only for all the students, but also I saw a couple of my EXCEL students from the summer!  There was obviously a lot more spirit than at an ordinary soccer game at NU.

During my first year, there was also a late-night game for Wildcat Welcome, against the University of South Carolina.  However, that game ended in a 0-0 draw which is always annoying.  In yesterday’s match, the ‘Cats scored in the 55th minute on an unassuming shot, and held off a Valpo charge in the last five minutes to earn the victory, and also mark the latest local time of a goal that I have ever seen (22:38 hours).

When I was in undergrad, there were often late-night games for flag football and other intramurals.  During my senior year, I officiated flag football, basketball, and softball.  The former two had games that ran until midnight, and so I definitely pushed my normal bedtimes on those nights–I would sleep between 22:00 and 23:00 on ordinary weeknights.

But there was one sport that I never did in undergraduate–broomball.  I don’t know much about the game, other than that it was played at the Ice Box–where the Lincoln Stars hockey team plays.  The earliest game for that sport was at 23:00, so that was not in my schema for either playing or officiating.

Twenty seconds left… is there anything else that I wanted to say?  I don’t think so… and there is the horn!


Today is the two-hundred and sixty-first day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes thirty-seven weeks and two days.

Today is the sixty-sixth day of the Character Building Trial.  That makes nine weeks and three days.

Perhaps I cheated by excluding the back-matter in the time limit.


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