[M.M.X.I.V. 274 / O.C.T.O.B.E.R III-1] All Summer Long

The subtitle of this post: “Psyched Out and Overzealously Censored!”  (The post is appropriate for general audiences.)

Why is this?  Well, the song listed in the title of this post is the eighth song that I heard today.  Here is a YouTube link to it, and then… I wanted to mention the two components of the subtitle.

Start from the “Psyched Out” part of the subtitle.  This song made my journal in the closing minutes of June 26, 2008, as I was driving home from the REU canoe trip.  (How interesting that I had written full journals on that day… two consecutive years!)

“On the way home, the music was on B107.3, and I heard the first few lines of Werewolves in [sic] London, or so I thought!  Turns out that it’s a new song—All Summer Long by Kid Rock!  Very interesting…”

Therefore, the “Psyched Out” part… I was expecting werewolves in London, and not summer in northern Michigan (nor the year 1989)!  Then again, I should have been suspicious about hearing Werewolves of London on B107.3, as that is a classic rock song, from the 1970s (and B claimed to play the 80’s, 90’s, and today).

All Summer Long got A LOT of airplay during the summer of 2008, so it got very annoying after a few plays.  There’s nothing I could do about it, other than shift to a station like KGOR or KLNC, or listen to Pandora.

I think it is interesting when you hear songs that take licks from others, especially if the artists are different.  (I won’t worry about the whole “royalties ensue” since it’s none of my beeswax!)  There are a host of other examples, so I won’t go into that with this post.  Instead, the provocatively-sounding “Overzealous Censoring” comes next!

When this song was played on Star 104.5, the chorus went like this:

“We were trying different things

We were _______ funny things

Making love out by the lake to our favorite song

Sipping ——- out the bottle, not thinking ’bout tomorrow

Singing “Sweet Home Alabama” all summer long”

When I heard it on B, however, the _______ was “smoking,” and the ——- was “whiskey.”  I can understand radio edits that blank out Four-Letter Words, but blanking out “whiskey” and “smoking” is going over the top.  (The word was simply deleted–there was no bleep, cuckoo bird, backmask, or other technique used.)

It also happened with another song: Rock Star by Nickelback.  Although I never liked the song, I could not avoid hearing it in 2008-2009.  The overzealous censors in both Lincoln and Omaha blanked out the word “drug” on every occasion.  That is a four-letter word, but it is not a Four-Letter Word.  (The song does have a few Four-Letter Words that should be blanked out, but again, “drug” is not one of those!)

There comes a time when verbal protection comes too far, and you have to know when to be more liberal!


Today is the two-hundred and seventy-fourth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes thirty-nine weeks and one day.

Today is the seventy-ninth day of the Character Building Trial.  That makes eleven weeks and two days.

Today is the first day of the third round of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.


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