[M.M.X.I.V. 282 / O.C.T.O.B.E.R. III-9] Yakety Sax Etc.

It’s another story of fiction, with a different perspective than I usually take.  The story is based off an extension of the label of a certain product in my house.  The following songs may enhance your reading experience, as well!  The post is loosely based on earlier this summer, and the things involving eight are boldfaced.

“Are you ready, Fred?” Max inquired.  “As you know, we are about to embark on a very dangerous journey.  We’ve had our fun with eating this rotten food, but it’s time to venture out.”

Fred responded, “Oh, yeah.  Show me where you go.”

So Fred and Max left the relative safety of the refuse receptacle and were greeted by a sunny sky in the park.  All around them, tall trees abounded, and no, it was not within the Owsoigh Forest.  Rather, it was near Gillson Park in Wilmette.

Fred and Max knew that some of their friends would be in this park, to enjoy the views of the lake and knowing that there were plenty of gracious hosts at the party.  Fred said to Max, “Let’s stop at this bar first.  I’ll get your drinks for you.”  And Fred landed on Noah’s arm.  Noah felt this, and after feeling this, swatted his hand toward Fred.

Max admonished, “This is a dangerous party!  Why do we have to do this?”  Fred: “There’s delicious blood in our hosts!”

They landed on Erica’s head next, seeing that her hands were occupied reading the Chicago Tribune.  Crawling down her backside, she could now feel them.  So, irritated, she stood up, rolled up the Rides section (who actually reads it?) and awkwardly swung and missed as Fred and Max safely escaped.

They laughed as they flew on: “Humans are so silly.  These mechanical attempts to swat us–we’re too fast for them!”

Max then inquired, “Mechanical attempts are often weak, but what about those wire thingies?  Haven’t you been hurt by those?”

Fred responded, “Ah, the fly swatters.”  I’ve had a few close… WATCH OUT!”

They deftly dodged a fly swatter since they were close to a wall.

Max complained, “I’m still hungry.  I haven’t gotten any food since we left the trash can.”  Fred rebuked, “You’re worse than a zombie, whose only word is ‘braaaaaaains!’ All you have is blood on the mind.”

They eyed some teeth, but stayed far away.  They have seen these plants before, and their comrades had seen food there and disappeared after going there.  Fred said, “I am worried that those plants come from another planet.  I overheard the apes calling them Venus fly traps.  Well, I won’t be fooled by them!”

They flew away from the park, having seen these dangers.  Away they went to a backyard in Evanston, where there was another party, and older people were there to pose less of a threat.  On the tables, they could see bread, fruit, cookies, and vases.  They landed on the fence to investigate, but after surveying, they couldn’t move!

Max yelped, “This sticky substance–I can’t get off it!  My legs are too weak.”

Fred, “Didn’t I tell you this was a dangerous journey?  Am I going to have to bring you food AGAIN to get you unstuck?”

Max responded, “Ugh, stupid fly paper!

After a lot of effort, Fred managed to free himself, and flew on without the irritating voice of Max.  He made a beeline for the food, and also saw some of his comrades congregating far from the food.  There was a fire coming from the center of the tables, as well as smoke that didn’t smell natural.

Fred saw lights glowing on and off in the distance, and thought, “Ah, my firefly friends are nearby!  I should bring some food for them… after all I am a chaser!”

So, he landed on the table, and buzzed toward the food.  The smoke started to make him woozy, and he also noticed the threatening green phial.  The words “INSECT REPELLENT VII” were on the bottom of the phial, and it disappeared from view, as an older man nearby sprayed it on himself.  The combined smells were too much for Fred, so he flew to the party without the food that he had planned on getting.

The firefly party got closer, and Fred said, “Whew.  Away from all that smoke and DEET.  But wait… there’s an evil aura around here.  Where are all my friends?”

The trapped Max knew what was going on, but had no ability to escape or alert Fred to his fate.

Without seeing the fireflies, Fred did see the lights flickering in the metal cage, and figured, “They’re on the other side.  I like this heat, so I’ll fly inside.”

As soon as he entered the metal, the bug zapper did its job.



Today is the two-hundred and eighty-second day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes forty weeks and two days.

Today is the eighty-seventh day of the Character Building Trial.  That makes twelve weeks and three days.

Today is the ninth day of the third round of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.  That makes one week and two days.


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