[M.M.X.I.V. 291 / O.C.T.O.B.E.R. III-18] Aventura

This happens to be one of my favorite songs from middle school, along with other Overtures for Band that James Swearingen composed.  However, the song has been a staple on my MP3 player for a while (since early undergraduate).  One of the memories I have, however, is from not too long ago, when I took a bike “aventura” (BOO) to League.  In some sense, this doubles as a Singing Saturday post.

It was June 10, 2012, and the song was stuck in my head for some reason.  As I rode my bike to League, I thought to try to put my day to the tune of the song, in a disorganized fashion that R.E.M., Billy Joel, or Reunion did.  But it sort of flopped, though I continued with it anyway.  Here it is, with explanatory notes as well…

Seven, challah, TNT activator. Red lights in Evanston, there’s the new bridge! Better timing, Ardmore, NOT SHERIDAN! LSD, Ding-ding, on your left! Soccer and runners, yield and Peace Garden, tennis, and strikes, and continuity, headwind, drawbridge, and a cool breeze, clearing, and Grant Park, take a pit stop…
State Street, Chinatown, bows and arrows. Bike lane, graffiti, not a bus in sight, whoops there goes my tune… oh well… crack!
hahahahaha Google Maps overestimated by 11 minutes, Royal Heal, Night Spear, toolbox, Big Bucks, tails fails, oh-and-four, Do The Wave, total fail, here come the heads, donk win, donk loss, and another blowout, G for the road!
Target two hours, 62 passes me, there are the potholes, yay a tailwind! Never before northbound here, TNT ain’t trinitrotoluene, pass the 62, all these red lights, what are you doing! It’s still warm, Metra bridge, slowdown on the trail, back on LSD, water on the right, NOT THESE PEDESTRIANS, ah some shade! Christopher Cross, electrolytes, full speed ahead past Fullerton, gain cancelled by loss, passing, sand, beating buses all day, come on red lights, Juneway!
No radar, red flags, didn’t get blown up, there’s my 80, yellow flashers, green door, nice shirt, seven-minute win. Forbidden Actions, salicylic acid, dihydrogen monoxide, and then this silly thing.

  • Let’s expound:
  • TNT: Trek-Not-Transit. The activator is the bike pump!
  • New bridge: at Greenleaf, why I did this ride. It downed the Purple Line.
  • LSD = Lake Shore Drive
  • Bows and arrows = Archer Avenue
  • Crack = potholes AND Chex Mix
  • Royal = blowout. League!
  • Royal Pains lost a close one to Tim’s Black Wind before blowing out Erick’s Roserade/Leafeon
  • No Whammies lost to Bentley’s Fire/Water deck, then got killed by Nick’s Zeel
  • The Gang was shut down by Vince’s Meganium/EX toolbox, before thrashing Daniel and donking a Mewtwo EX
  • Anticatalyst lost badly twice
  • TNT: The idea for the post
  • Metra bridge: Took 18th after Archer and crossed a tortuous bridge
  • Christopher Cross: DUH! Ride like the wind?
  • Red flags: in crosswalks in Sheridan
  • Didn’t get blown up: the idea mill is cranking!
  • Nice shirt: I opened my jersey and someone yelled that line from a car
  • Win: Beat my outbound time by 7 minutes, but not my 2-hour target time


Today is the two-hundred and ninety-first day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes forty-one weeks and four days.

Yesterday, I completed my occupational therapy, so I will now consider the Character Building Trial to be completed!  (The recovery process is not complete, but I am willing to call this saga over for the purpose of counting.)

Today is the eighteenth day of the third round of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.  That makes two weeks and four days.


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