[M.M.X.I.V. 299 / O.C.T.O.B.E.R. III-26] The Way

(A possible sub-title of the post: 1998-crackle-crackle-crackle-there’s-Noah.)

As I was on the train today, trying to catch up on retrospect from the last week, the eighth song on my MP3 player ended up bringing back some retrospect of sixteen years ago!  For maximal effect, the “static” part of the song at the beginning is why it is salient to me…

The beginning of the song is as if FM radio were being scanned on an old dial.  It includes a commercial, and brief samples of Jewel, Roy Orbison, and Madonna (though I only recognize the formermost).  In the version that I have linked to, immediately after the Jewel sample, (at about 12 seconds), a man’s voice seems to be saying “There’s Noah.”

This song strongly recalls memories of the end of my fifth-grade year, in June of 1998.  The song picked up popularity around that time as well… I frequently heard it on KFRX.

During my elementary school years, I was very reserved in terms of social interactions, with a few notable exceptions.  I somehow managed to blossom (in my sense) on the field trips that we had, particularly to the Groundwater Festival in Grand Island.  I was never adversarial with my peers, nor with my teachers, but mostly kept to myself.

At the end of my fifth grade year, as we left the school for the last time (of course, to return in August), I spontaneously hugged Mrs. Sanks, my homeroom teacher.  As far as I know, this is the first time that I showed appreciation through a hug for anyone other than my parents or other family members.  How times have changed since then!

About a week after school had ended for the year, Hillcrest Country Club, to which my family had just joined, had an “Out of School [Pool] Party.”  I vehemently refused to go to it, because I was nearly grieved (in my ten-year-old mind, that is!)–fifth grade was by far my favorite school year to that time.

So, as my siblings went to this party, I was a party pooper and went with Mom and Dad to Carlos O’Kelly’s on the north side of Lincoln, followed by a trip to Sam’s Club.  The dinner was not that salient, but as we were shopping in Sam’s Club, this song came on the PA system.  I had heard it a few times before, and with the “meta-radio” part in the beginning, I heard the (illusory) “There’s Noah…” and not only that, but it sounded A LOT like my Dad’s voice at the time.  I’ll call it a Mondegreen anyway!

He denied that they were saying “there’s Noah,” but at the same time could not make out what it said.  That is okay, as it will happen if you are scanning through radio stations.  The scanning part of the song, in some sense, also mirrored that summer, as I was the first to vehemently veto any station that played “Torn.”  Though our car radio was digital instead of analog, the quick-change of radio stations still creates the effect in a way.

Have I rambled on long enough?


Today is the two-hundred and ninety-ninth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes forty-two weeks and five days.

Today is the twenty-sixth day of the third round of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.  That makes three weeks and five days.


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