[M.M.X.I.V. 307] Show up, please!

Yesterday, I had a long day of sporting events, starting with spectation, followed by a game that I was scheduled to play.

Northwestern did well in all of the games that their teams had played yesterday, with fencing sweeping the matches that I saw (as well as the remaining matches of the day that I did not see).  Field hockey struggled a little on offense against Kent State, but posted the one-nil victory.  Immediately afterward, I shifted to the other side of the stands to see the men’s soccer team knock off Penn State in double-overtime, 2-1.

Actually, this in itself was an interesting thing: it is the first time since high school that I have alternated between watching multiple contests at the same venue (excluding, of course, channel-surfing for multiple games on TV).  It was sort of funny, because during the second half of the field hockey match, I was hearing double-announcers–announcements for the men’s soccer game, as well as the GOAL and Penalty Corner announcements for field hockey.

These announcements from soccer included Senior Day and the National Anthem, the latter of which I stood and removed my cap even though it wasn’t directed at the hockey match–it went on uninterrupted.  It would have been pretty funny, though, if the referees, hearing this, stopped the field hockey match in the middle.  In particular, it reminds me of “Conrad the Sailor,” a Merrie Melodies feature.  (Thanks to a quick search digging up this post to remind me of the short!)  At the end of it, Conrad and Daffy are both chased by a bullet, and when the captain appears, ALL THREE of them freeze to salute!  (Here is the full short… it should open in a new tab or window.)

But this is somewhat off-topic from the reason why I wrote this post.  After the soccer game ended, I headed to Long Field in order to play intramural flag football.  My team (The Justice Friends) was 1-2 on the season, scheduled against a 0-3 Fiji outfit in the last regular-season game.  We had at least the seven to field a full team.  We warmed up a little bit, and headed to our scheduled field.

Why did I write this post?  Well, the other team only had three players, and Game Time Is Forfeit Time.  Yes, they were 0-3, so they might have not gotten into the playoffs even with a win, but they could have played spoiler against our team.  Instead, we got an unsatisfying forfeit win.  I came to play!

My schematic of what the scoreboard would look like.

My schematic of what the scoreboard would look like.

While I have played intramural sports (at both Northwestern and Nebraska), my team has never been on the wrong side of a forfeit loss.  But, there were several examples of games where I was forced to play the whole game due to lack of attendance–such as basketball playoffs in 2009 at UNL–we were playing a permanent 3-on-5, and somehow managed to only lose by 26, despite me being at way less than 100% and not being very good at basketball on the court anyway!  This only happened when I played on free-agent teams–when I was on Piper 4 teams, we always had sufficient players.

Oh, well.  It’s not my loss when the other team forfeits.  We split squads and played a game for fun, and I was one of the fill-ins for the opponents’ side.  After a few “innings,” the side I was on was down 0-18, so I have a feeling that we would have won anyway.  But I would have liked to play the game nonetheless!


Today is the three-hundred and seventh day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes forty-three weeks and six days.


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