[M.M.X.I.V. 308] Versatile Blogger

I would like to thank Megan Elizabeth for the nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award.  After some consideration, and reading the requirements for accepting it, it seemed like it would be too much work for me to accept it according to its requirements.  In fact, the steep requirement of passing it on to 15 bloggers made me think about updating my blog policy.  Here is the new part of it:

I appreciate the nice gesture of bloggers that read my posts and choose to nominate me for blog awards.  However, many of these awards require that the nominee pass on the award to other blogs.  Many of the blogs that I follow hold award-free policies, and although I enjoy receiving the awards, I cannot in good faith complete the acceptance of the awards that require nomination of other bloggers.

However, if the title or story regarding the award is something that I feel is apt to blog about, I will use the name of the award in a post anyway… but straying from the “chain” aspect of the award.  I feel that a well-written blog or post should be an award in itself.

However, the post with the award gave me an idea on how to beat around the bush: I liked the idea about “quality” and “level of love” inspired in the posts.  But I’d like to still give the seven facts, by basically pitching my blog through the eyes of the word versatile.

When you read my blog, versatility is a virtue, and is part of my idea of writing the blog in the first place (1)!  Although I originally intended it as a conduit for memories, with the Israel sequence, and the Musical Memories sequence, it has evolved to be a part of myself (2).  As an Aspie, I think in ways that are much different from an “average” person–despite having talent in math, I really enjoy writing, both scientifically and non-scientifically… although I mostly despise reading (3)!

Although written word can be a way to start a conversation, such as through the comment threads, I find that the vocal word is superior in conversation, and even better when done face-to-face (4).  Though this is not always practicable, humans are built as social creatures, and socializing is best done in the physical presence of others.  Technology cannot fully uproot our primal tendencies!

No detail is too minute for me not to notice–oftentimes these produce interesting blog posts (5).  Anything can be a conversation starter, and despite my not-so-versatile approach to my PhD research, it definitely suggests that there are times where one-dimensionality is good. (6)  But I better get back to work on research–nobody has come to my office for office hours in MATH 234 today, and I’ve been spending the time waiting for people on the blog.  (7)


Today is the three-hundred and eighth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes forty-four weeks.


2 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 308] Versatile Blogger

    • Thanks, Megan! Although it is painful for me to do nominations for bloggers, I enjoy twisting the acceptance of awards, since the titles of the awards often give inspiration for posts.


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