[M.M.X.I.V. 312] Too early!

Despite the title of the post, this is not about the Beatles.  However, it is about music.  To prime the post, I have a link to a comic from several years ago, which may somewhat motivate the post

Yes indeed.  Throughout life, things are bound to change, and people will not always like it.  Some of it is justified, but other changes are wrong, annoying, or otherwise dislikable.

Since I’m talking about the radio, let’s see what the current date is–it’s November 8.  It will not be long before some radio stations temporarily change their formats… and the point of this post: DON’T DO IT!  Thus, it should be clear now what format that is, but here is a cartoon to drive the point home…


Yes, indeed.  When I was in Lincoln, BOTH of my adult-contemporary stations (B107.3 [KBBK-Lincoln] and Star 104.5 [KSRZ-Omaha]) would shift their format from 80’s-90’s-today to 24-hour Christmas music sometime between mid-November and Thanksgiving.  Even more annoyingly, the lite-rock station The Breeze (KBZR-Lincoln) had one year where they shifted the format on November 1!

Obviously, I have a bias in annoyance against Christmas music, since I am not Christian.  Even so, the holiday creep is getting to be too much.  I think that it is fine if radio stations intersperse a winter or holiday tune here and there between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but if they want to go 24-7 Christmas music, wait until at least December 18.  Any more than that is just OVERKILL.

It tends to change my morning routine a little as well, because I still want to listen to 4 and No More (or in previous years, Battle of the Sexes).  But this change forces me to either grin and bear Christmas songs that I will probably not like, or to miss the game show.  Like the comic puns out, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

I can’t claim to despise ALL Christmas songs, however.  Some are enjoyable, particularly instrumental (e.g. Mannheim Steamroller or Trans-Siberian Orchestra), and a-cappella (Straight No Chaser).

But, Too-Much-Of-A(n)-<adjective>-Thing is at play here.  I would guess that even people who enjoy the holidays think that the radio shift comes too early.


Today is the three-hundred and twelfth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes forty-four weeks and four days.  (I love those all-certain-digit counts, and this is the last one of the year!)


4 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 312] Too early!

      • Oh, it does, Noah; it most assuredly does. I was brought up in a Christian family, so I know whereof I speak! Now, in a shopping centre near here, the in-store Father Christmas arrives in his revoltingly blingy grotto…in early November! And the Christmas lights/canned muzac start, it sometimes seems, in August! Slight exaggeration – but not by much. Jolly tedious.


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