[M.M.X.I.V. 313] A tad of tidying

I admit that I am quite a disorganized person, at least when it comes to possessions.  My apartment, office, and even my bedroom in Lincoln when I am visiting home all suffer from disarray.  Yet, I can usually find what I need at the right time.

But, I realize the the squalid (yes, that’s hyperbole) conditions are unsightly for others, as well as potentially dangerous for me.  There have definitely been times that I have nearly tripped over my feet as a result of trying to avoid the mess on my floor.

In Evanston, my floor frequently gets cluttered with dirty laundry and/or read newspapers.  Even though I have two “hampers” (actually Rubbermaid plastic tubs) for laundry, and a plastic laundry basket which I use as a recycling bin, I evidently feel so lazy at home that these items simply end up on the floor!

However, a corollary to this: whenever I do my laundry, since I have to condense all laundry into the hampers, I often also toss my trash and/or do the recycling.  It is amazing how much larger and/or cleaner the room looks after picking up even a little bit.

Now, the shelves, desk, and other areas are still badly disorganized and cluttered, but I only have so much space in Engelhart.  I think, once I graduate, since I may be able to find a larger place wherever I go next, that having a better system of organization will take me far.

Of course, there have been some times where clean-up has been a must.  I hosted one of my friends overnight for יום כיפור (Yom Kippur), despite the fact that my room is only designed for a single person.  Naturally, I cleaned the floor, attempted to pick up and tidy up other visible areas, but had my bike blocking the clutter on the northeast wall, and near the closet, I had blankets covering the floor for my makeshift bed that night!

In some sense, though I often dread doing the pick-up of clutter, it always makes me feel better in the end.  Disorganization can burden in more ways than one!  And sometimes, you find long-lost items when you clean up!


Today is the three-hundred and thirteenth day of M.M.X.I.V.


4 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 313] A tad of tidying

  1. I tend to go through phases depending on my mood. I can go for months being disorganized, and then suddenly, I will need to have everything clean and organized by shape, color, size, etc. I’m currently in organized mode.


    • I had a feeling that might be the case. For me, I tend to tidy up only in case of “emergency,” although it also might be mood-based.

      One notable time: after I passed my exam for candidacy, I “celebrated” by cleaning my apartment.

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  2. I liked reading your about page, in some ways your room resembles mine, I have my dresser filled with things I think are important, it keeps building up and looks untidy, I feel afraid if I put them in order,I won’t find my things which is always the case.


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