[M.M.X.I.V. 322] A mysterious gift

A few weeks ago,  Mom and Dad and Casey had come into town for the Northwestern vs. Nebraska football game.  It was a really fun weekend, as my blog had implied either explicitly or implicitly with photos and accounts.

During that weekend, Dad provided me with a gift that had the mysterious info on top, “To: NOAH From: DAD / OPEN ONLY WHEN TOLD” as provided in this photo.

The mystery gift.  The tag reads: To: NOAH From: DAD OPEN ONLY WHEN TOLD

The mystery gift. The tag reads:
From: DAD

A few times when I called Mom and/or Dad, I asked him for hints as to what it was.  His first hint was, “I brought it to Chicago because you will open it before you come home for winter break.”  This was not particularly helpful for me in terms of deducing what it was.

On some of the other recent phone calls, he tried to give me hints that I would be instructed to open the box soon.  Of course, I knew that it was not something that would attack me, blow up on me, or otherwise harm me.  But, the suspense was getting to me.

Tonight, I went to League, and after it, I saw that I had missed phone calls from both Dad and Levi.  When I checked my voice mail, Dad said, “You may now open the box.  Um, before you open, um, please text me with your guess of what you think is in it and, uh, give me a call once you have opened.  Talk to you soon!  Bye.”

At that point, I had a very good idea of what was in the box.  Why did I suddenly have an idea about it?  There’s a sub-story here.

About two years ago, Dad had my siblings and I text Mom a four-part message throughout a certain day.  The texts read, at different times, “Happy,” “Good,” “Buddy,” and “Day.”  This corresponded to their 10,000th day of marriage.

Well, my long-time blog readers may recall that I had a celebratory post on my 8,888th day of life.  Today happens to be precisely 1,112 days after that.

Ten-four, good buddy [i.e. Affirmative, Boss!]!  Noah is 10,000 days old today!

So, my anticipation was that the box contained something related to the citizen’s band radio.  I should have tried calling Dad by using STOP and OVER signals as I talked, but decided to just be forthright.

However, I did disobey his voicemail, as I called before both opening and guessing.  Dad negated my guess of the citizen’s band radio, and instead had me open the box.  So, I did, and what did I find inside?  The next picture shows what was there:

The contents of the Mystery Gift: ten 100 Grand bars and ten Zero bars.

The contents of the Mystery Gift: ten 100 Grand bars and ten Zero bars.

There are two interpretations that Dad gave me for it.  The first: A “grand” is another name for a thousand.  The idea is that for each 100 Grand bar, I get to take away a Zero.  And I suppose that in order to make it worthwhile since I do like chocolate, he repeated that ten times.

The other fun idea behind this: The 100 Grand bars shout “HUSKER!” and the Zero bars shout “POWER!”  After all, there is that ten to the FOURTH POWER.

Interestingly enough, I had seen this gift when I was back in Lincoln, but didn’t think too much of it.  When I was back home on the Friday before Molly’s wedding, I was making Chex mix.  When I entered the pantry in order to get all of the ingredients, I noticed the full-size 100 Grand and Zero bars on one of the shelves.  I thought little of it, since I knew that it was close to Halloween.  On the other hand, it may have planted a little bit of suspicion since they were the full-sized bars!

I always find it interesting when you see something that comes back later in a form that you are not expecting at all.  Life is full of surprising surprises!

What fun surprises will I experience in my next ten-thousand days?


Today is the three-hundred and twenty-second day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes forty-six weeks.

EDIT 25 December 2014: The Daily Post’s prompt “Mystery Box” inspired me to re-link this to it, even though it is an old post.  Yes, I am aware that I am cheating…


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