[M.M.X.I.V. 325] Behind bars

No worries, I have not been incarcerated, imprisoned, or otherwise punished by being locked up.  However, last night I was behind bars of another type, and it encouraged me to have a two-part post.

Last night, I was at the ShireiNU concert at 23:00 (!), their first performance of the academic year on campus.  It was quite fun, with the theme “ShireiNU Works Out.”  The skits were fun as always, involving the troupe working out their bodies in order to strengthen their voices.

In the past (e.g. my A-Cappella post or Superfan Part III), I have mentioned my like of ShireiNU.  Here are a few reasons why.  There are a lot of a-cappella groups on campus, but the only ones that I have seen with their own show (as opposed to a medley of groups such as with A-Cappella For Autism on Sing-o De Mayo) have been ShireiNU and The Catatonics (now the NuTones).  With ShireiNU, they are the only group on campus that sings Hebrew songs, which are part of my heritage.  Furthermore, the skits increase the amusement factor, as they are so silly that they enhance the experience for me.  (Additionally, I never know when the other a-cappella groups have performances.)

But, since they have two more shows on Saturday night, AND since I’m not a critic, nor do I want to ruin the surprise for people that will see the show, I will not offer a review of the show that gives away any of the songs.  I will say that there are some songs from today, as well as the 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, and three songs in Hebrew: one modern and two traditional.

In addition, I want to give a review of the seat at which I sat.  It was in the front row on the top level of the Jones Great Room, and is the reason why I wrote “Behind Bars.”  The picture below is part of what I want to discuss.


ShireiNU Works Out, while singing one of their numbers. Notice the bars in front of the group, which are the guardrails preventing people from the upper level from falling onto stage!


In this photo, the bars completely block out the view of some of the singers as well as the display in the back.  But, when I watch the show from the vantage point of my seat, I can see everyone as well as the full background.

In terms of Behind Bars, however, I can say one thing: the Jacks of the major suits and the King of Diamonds are probably subjected to the photo.  Why?  Take a look…

We can be royals (Royals), we have only one eye...

We can be royals (Royals), we have only one eye…

Yes, indeed.  From my seat, two eyes worked together well in order to complete the picture, and if I weren’t focusing on the strange visual effect, the guard rail bars would have eventually gotten ignored in my perception.

A similar effect happens at baseball games for me.  There is either a net or a metal backstop that separates the bleachers from the field of play, so that there are no problems with fans if pitch gets fouled backward.  Although the cage or net annoys the visual field for cameras, it is something which the eyes quickly adjust to.  Unless one eye is closed!

That is one BIG advantage of a binocular system that our eyes provide–two eyes allow completion of a picture that one eye would not allow.

Our bodies work in so many wonderful ways!


Today is the three hundred and twenty-fifth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes forty-six weeks and three days.


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