[M.M.X.I.V. 332] Cooler scalps prevail


I know that is not how the saying actually goes.  But, I will still use it tonight, because it is part of my story.  As it turns out, I am actually very aware of the effect of my hair on myself.wpid-wp-1417229494045.jpeg


As can be seen in this awkward selfie, I just got my hair cut on Wednesday, and got it cut very short.  It was growing long (but not horrendously out of control), at least long enough to begin to drive me bonkers with how it felt.

Whenever I get a haircut, particularly when it is very short, I notice immediately a different feeling on my scalp.  In particular, the lack of hair allows a cool feeling to blow over my head, regardless of the temperature.  I first noticed this when walking between my music class and my homeroom back in sixth grade, and thought it was a strange but amusing sensation.  However, the less-amusing sensation is the bits of hair which stick on you, even after you take a shower.  Some of them just don’t want to wash off!

It is not something that bothers me at all (well, maybe the hair bits which won’t wash off are irksome), but perhaps it is a cautionary tale for cutting the hair TOO short during the winter.  I will be fine with it, as I can always wear a cap, a balaclava, or some other sort of head covering if I fear heat escaping out the top!

Similarly, whenever I shave, I enjoy the smooth feeling over my face, particularly when I have gone a long time without shaving (e.g. November to December 2009 or the עומר period).

Hair today, gone tomorrow.


Today is the three-hundred and thirty-second day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes forty-seven weeks and three days.


3 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 332] Cooler scalps prevail

  1. You have described both experiences to a “T”! Plus, your blogs are increasingly more “you” (your voice, your take on life). I am so glad you hit “publish” daily–please do keep up the good work, Noah!


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