[M.M.X.I.V. 337] Idiot

Hopefully this will be a post that is mostly tongue-in-cheek.  I’m definitely flirting with offense, given the title of the post!  The first thing that I think of when I have this post: a seasonally-appropriate movie clip (though the earlier part of the scene is needed for context which is not in this clip… check this Movie Quotes website for the full dialogue.)

As it turns out, there was actually a definition of “idiot” given in a math book.  From J.P. Boyd’s textbook on spectral methods, the following is given:

Definition 16 (IDIOT) Anyone who publishes a calculation without checking it against an identical computation with smaller N OR without evaluating the residual of the pseudospectral approximation via finite differences is an IDIOT.

Now, of course, this is gobbledigook to most of my readers, but I thought it was really funny that the author’s pet-peeve got past the editors.  I guess that every textbook has to have those little Easter eggs of humor, since textbooks are often so dry!

However, what I wanted to talk about was the times that I say “I’m an idiot!”

Yesterday, I was going to a friend’s apartment to help with preparation for a bake sale that happened today.  As I left my apartment, and got a few blocks away, I searched my pocket while stopped at a red light, and didn’t have my cell phone.  Well, I needed that in order to be buzzed in.  So, I shouted to myself, “I’M AN IDIOT!”

But then on my way home at another red light, I quickly searched my backpack and found my phone right next to my lock (that was fully in place)!  So, I muttered, “I’m an idiot for claiming to be an idiot.”

This is not the first time that I have claimed that.  Another time: I was going to the Northwestern health center about a week after my return from Israel, and when I got there, thought that I didn’t have my WildCARD (student ID).  I returned to my apartment, only to find that it was cleverly hidden in my backpack the whole time.  Thus, this may have been my first instance of “I’m an idiot for claiming to be an idiot!”

Ironically (or coincidentally), some of the conversations while baking were complaints about the health center.  Thankfully, I very rarely need to use healthcare, and after the summer’s Manual Vehicle Crash, I used the NorthShore health system as opposed to Northwestern’s.

Returning to the parentheses about fully-in-place locks: Last week, when I went to the Northwestern women’s basketball game, I got to Welsh-Ryan Arena and in my bag, only saw the “U” part of the U-lock, and not the orange bar that I lock it into.  Therefore, I threw a flag on myself: Incomplete equipment, on Noah.  Two-thousand-six-hundred yard penalty.  Repeat second down.

Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself with relation to my absentmindedness.  It is not true idiocy, but that word tends to get thrown around with a tongue-in-cheek manner.  (Of course, it is probably similarly hurtful to the R-word.  Will this be the next word to be banned?)


Today is the three-hundred and thirty-seventh day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes forty-eight weeks and one day.

Today is the three-hundred and thirty-ninth day of Mission 441.  There are one hundred and three days remaining.


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