[M.M.X.I.V. 338] Ohhhhhh–double play

Last night, I was at the Northwestern/Georgia Tech men’s basketball game.  When the home team is on defense, the student section often makes noises in the form of “Ohhhhhhhhh…”  Most people maintain the same pitch, but I tend to change it up.  And actually, this change of pitch reminds me of a song!

The song that it reminds me of is from my seventh-grade gym class.  The song was only about a minute long, was purely-instrumental, and then led into a better-known song.  The better-known song is also one that has an interesting Mondegreen associated with it.

In gym class, the combined song was played during the beginning of the Super Circuit that we did during this unit.  Therefore, the song stuck in my head easily.  (During a different class, they also had a tape of the Nebraska bowl game playing.)

During the game last night, I thus chose to change my monotone noise into noise that resembled Threshold.  This was particularly salient when Northwestern was down by just one point after having spent the whole game in a deficit.   Unfortunately, we never grabbed the lead and lost by 8 in FoulFest.

But, I have never heard Threshold on its own–on the radio, it always preceded Jet Airliner.  Here is the song which is combined, but the instrumental ramp-up before the lyrics is actually its own song!

There are a few other songs which always seem to have double-plays when I hear them on the radio.  Having listened to a lot of 80’s songs, another song that I frequently heard was Tainted Love by Soft Cell.  On their CDs, the songs Tainted Love and Where Did Our Love Go are separate songs.  But, I always heard them on the radio back-to-back with a bridge at the end of Tainted Love.  The combination is shown below:

The first time I heard them separately: I was listening to 80’s music on Pandora, and heard Tainted Love.  Toward the end of the song, however, it went to something different, and coincidentally, I heard other radio stations only play Tainted Love and not Where Did Our Love Go.  Pretty interesting.

There is one other double-play that I heard a few years ago, on Friday afternoons.  As a part of המסיבה ברדיו לב המדינה (The Party on Radio Lev Hamedina), there were two songs that always seemed to be played back-to-back.  With remixes, some songs just go well together when in a remixed form.  I guess this also applies to mash-ups.  These two songs were סיגל (Sigal) and אשליות (Ashlayot).  Here are the two remixed songs, in separate things.  For the best approximation of what I heard, start the second one at 0:14, once the first hits 2:55.

There are probably a bunch of other examples of double-plays on the radio, but after the basketball game and Threshold being stuck in my head, I figured that two other examples would do well.

What examples of double-plays can you think of: two separate songs that are “always” played back-to-back?


Today is the three-hundred and thirty-eighth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes forty-eight weeks and two days.

Today is the three-hundred and fortieth day of Mission 441.  One hundred and one days remain.


4 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 338] Ohhhhhh–double play

  1. Ah! Tainted Love, Noah! That takes me right back – to the start of my teaching career, as it happens, in the early eighties. Thanks for reminding me.


  2. Hmm I had never thought about the idea of double plays before…but I can see how that would make things confusing! I also love that you included Jet Airliner…although based on the pingback I think you know that that song has confused me for a completely different reason 🙂


    • Thanks for reading, Tay! There was actually no confusion in the matter about the double plays, but more of a fascination when I later heard the cases of Threshold not immediately followed by Jet Airliner.

      However, it really threw me off the time that I heard Tainted Love not immediately followed by Where Did Our Love Go.

      And indeed, I had your lyrics mishearing in mind, since the first time I heard it, I swore that it said “Big old Chan in a lighthouse.” Ha!


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