[M.M.X.I.V. 340] Freewrite (Laundry)

Today’s Freewrite topic is based off the prompt “laundry.”  We’ll see where it goes, considering that I have a little bit of stockpiled material.  The 15-minute timer will be only the body–I will allow extra time for this introduction and also for the back matter and the tags and category.  But, everything after this introductory paragraph is on the clock.

This morning, I started on laundry after having some steel-cut oatmeal (Quaker variety, as opposed tomy usual Bob’s Red Mill varity.)  I tend to do laundry at an interval about once every two weeks, plus or minus a fwe days.  There was quite a bit to do, but it worked out.  Saturday morning is not popular in Engelhart’s laundry roon, so that I do not have to worry about running out of machines.  (They limit me to using two machines anyway.)

The wash cycle is supposed to run 33 minutes, but as the time winds down on it, you become susceptible to the Newton Minute phenomenon, as I have previously mentioned on my blog.  I started the wah loads at 08:33, and at 09:06, I went downstairs to check.  The Newton Minute was thanknully about three minutes only.

The times of the dryer tend to be about an hour long.  Today, I spent that hour outside of Engelhart, as I headed to the Village Market Place for produce–I was fresh out in my apartment.  They had yellow, green, and orange bell peppers on sale for 89 cents per pound.  I also stocked up on broccoli, onions, and potatoes, among other items.  When all was said and done, I got a good haul for thirty-two dollars, and this should definitely tide me over for my remaining time in Chicago on the caldnear year.  Yes indeed… it’s just twelve days until I go to Lincoln for winter break!

Interestingly, the fact that I went to the store during the wash time, combined wiht the idea of the Newton minute, gave me another idea for this post’s title: the Newton Gala Lizard.  Why Gala Lizard?  During an early shopping trip during my tenure in Chicago, I had America’s “Ventura Highway” stuck in my head.  I misheard the lyric “gator lizard” as “gala lizard,” and as a result, it was almost as if I have made that song my grocery store mantra, particualry if I also get apples anyway.

Next up was the idea to think about how I would spend my time during the dry cycle at other points.  When I was at the University of Nebraska, I usually spent the full wash AND dry cycle in the laundry room.  I would bring down my computer, and it was a good opportunity for me to do notes transfer (i.e. studying) or sometimes writing papers or doing homework.  The journal trnasfer would occasionally be part of the activity as well.  I am not as efficient on academic activity when doing laundry noawadays, as laundry is usually part of my Home Life, which I am trying to sep[rate from my academic/Work life.

Essentially, I feel that I have developed more of a work-life separation in graduate school than what I had in undergraduate (or even high school)!  My approach to laundry, in some sense, has followed that!  After all, in high school, I was easily able to do homework at home, and of course, I had the laundry machine at home to use.  I am definitely grateful to my parents for teaching us how to do laundry (and EXPECTING US to do it) frommy seventh grade year, when we moved to our current house.  It’s a resonsibility that I take for granted, but hear that some new ollege students do not know how to do.

Geez laweez!  My typing is pretty poor today.  As you may recall from a previous Freewrite that I did, I chose to make the rule, “No backspace key, no correcting errors.”  Hopefully the context is clear enough to make it so that any errors are obvious as to what they should be.  In some sense, it shows that I am not quite a careful typist.  Is there aproblem with that, though?  It shows that we are all human when considering the reality of tuyping.

Another thing that I like about laundry… after folding laundry and putting it away, it sometimes furthers my mood to clean my apartment or do other housekeeeping.  I have a good feeling of astifaction after any major (or minor) cleaning project, as it removes some clutter that can attack my mind.  Despite being a little bit of a chaotic peson, there is always goodness in order.  Yet, perfect order would probably leave me going crazy.

The rest of the day should be fun.  I just got back from a sequence of Northwestern wrestling meets, and later tonight,… <TIME’S UP!>


Today is the three-hundred and fortieth day of M.M.X.I.V. That makes forty-eight weeks and four days.

Today is the three-hundred and forty-second day of Mission 441. Ninety-nine days remain.


6 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 340] Freewrite (Laundry)

  1. Gala Lizard is brilliant, Noah; it conjures up some great images – an iguana dressed up for a black-tie event, for example! Great post all round!


  2. Noah, if you were a diabolical person–which I know you are not–you casually drop the phrase “Newton Minute” as if it was a real phenomenon and your various listeners would believe such a thing existed. It could even be an argument winner. Boy, that’s setting the bar low, isn’t it?


  3. I like the freewrite concept, and you’re correct that it does show that we are all humans. Too many people focus on the human errors in writing instead of just grasping the meaning of the works. My free writing looks exactly the same, as does some of my published writing, lol.

    I tend to get the urge to perform further house cleaning after I do laundry, too.


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