[M.M.X.I.V. 343] Arrows!

I’ll start with an excerpt from a very old journal entry.

“My dormmates dubbed me “Arrow,” and I have no idea why… We had some fun stuff at 13:30. For an hour, I played some board games, and then ice cream for a break.”

~July 7, 2001

That journal entry was from my Duke TIP experience… on Day 3.  I never found out why I was called “Arrow,” but it was interesting to review that.  In my AP Psychology class a few years later, one of the assignments was to examine my memories, and at that point, I had forgotten about Arrow until I saw the journal again!

However, the reason I wrote the post is given in the picture below: I got to use one of my Arrowed Signs for the first time in a while!


The sign in the upper left says MATH 234 office hours <—- M-445 (errata required on schedule).  Last year, the original syllabus for the class misstated my office as M-455 instead of M-445, so I had to post THAT arrowed sign on M-455 during the first week!  (Maybe I should write a post about how I like the word “errata.”

The upper-right and bottom-left signs are the same idea.  The one on the top has a right arrow and “Go directly to M-445” within the arrow.  The one on the bottom has a left arrow and “Go directly to M-453” within the arrow.  Both have two bullet points on them:

  • Do not pass GO
  • Do not collect $200

Who says I can’t have fun with my TA signs?  At least office hours are not Jail, despite the implication given there 🙂

The reason I wrote this post: I got to use the “Go directly to M-453” arrow today for the first time in a few quarters.  Tomorrow is the final exam for Math 234, and so today was the students’ last chance for office hours.  Previously in this quarter, my record number of office hour attendees was 3.  Within the first 10 minutes, four people came, and several others also appeared.  So, we moved from my office to the small conference room.

The remaining two signs are fairly boring (but can actually be read better from the photo).  It helps to have the office hour information on the door, so that the students can walk by the door and know whether they are at office hour times, or whether they may be barging in!

I have always liked arrows and directions, although I never divulged that to my dormmates at Kansas in the summer of 2001.  I wonder if they deduced it themselves, or if I had some telltale sign of deserving the nickname “Arrow.”

Talking about signs… I’ll have another blog post with some road signs and my reactions to them a little bit later in the year after I return to Lincoln.  Stay tuned for it!


Today is the three-hundred and forty-third day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes forty-nine weeks.

Today is the three-hundred and forty-fifth day of Mission 441.  Ninety-six days remain.


3 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 343] Arrows!

  1. I love the way you have tied Monopoly in with this, Noah; it works very well and adds to the humour – nice one! I look forward to your post on road signs. Interesting, the whole thing about you being given the name ‘Arrow’. My immediate thought was, ‘One who hits the target directly’ as in bow and arrow – and could be read both academically (ie your Math ability) or more personally (one who is direct, honest and tells it the way it is). Quite a compliment, that name, anyway!


    • A great way of thinking about it, Ali! The more I think about it now, perhaps the dormmates knew something that I didn’t, as I took it as a slight back then! (That was really my first experience with being away from family, so my social perceptions were definitely out of wack.)


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