[M.M.X.I.V. 352] Anticipation

Anticipation is very interesting.  Life is full of surprises, anxiousness, and thinking about what lies ahead.  Anticipation often affects me in various ways, and I have felt a lot of this during the last 24 hours.  Why?  I’m heading on “vacation” to Nebraska today!

When I was younger, I usually approached vacations and trips with excitement.  However, the vacation tended to not interfere with my other activity, at least in my mind.  Perhaps I had a poor sense of metacognition back then, but I was able to hold whatever TASK I had on my mind until I completed it.

However, as I have gotten into graduate school, where my “work” schedule is self-selected, I have tried to get all my work done on weekdays during “normal business hours.”  Anticipation, however, of vacations or holidays tends to badly cut into my productivity the day before.  Perhaps packing, preparing for the holiday, or just the imminent change in state of mind distracts me from work.

Of course, yesterday it didn’t help that my usual work places had plenty of troubling distractions!

On the morning of a big event, especially related to travel, if I would normally wake up at 07:00 (with an alarm as a bailout), I often wake up earlier.  For example, today I got up at 06:30 without any provocation.  I would assume that this is a result of the mind telling me, “NOW GET UP!  I DON’T WANT YOU TO MISS YOUR FLIGHT!

My flight is at 12:20, so that is not particularly a problem given my usual arising time.  But, it’s good to start the day a little bit earlier.  I can double-triple-quadruple check that I have all the items that I want to take with me, I can clean my apartment a bit so that it is in order when I return, and then catch the train toward the airport.

My Dad tends to respond to travel anticipation with anger–the beginning of a vacation from home is often tense until we get to the airport.  I hope that I have not inherited that trait–I feel it is more anxiety and nervousness until I leave.

T-minus five hours!  Let me finish breakfast, get my room vacuumed, and take the train!  Casey, you’ll have your caramel corn soon 🙂


Today is the three-hundred and fifty-second day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes fifty weeks and two days.

Today is the three-hundred and fifty-fourth day of Mission 441.  Eighty-seven days remain.


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